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Evil Nick

So when's testicular cancer month????

Well it was short lived and due to time restraints Fred could no longer do this. I want to keep going and doing my own, which I will but not sure if I want to be under this same name. To many memories.... to much "sniffle" pain...

Anyway. I started a new G+ page but will prob keep this up as well in case me and Fred get to do it again together fully. 

I may record my first one this weekend and he said he'd call in cause for the topic Id really like his input. 

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If you are a drug addict then why should the rest of the tax payers pick up the burden? This is as bad as fatsos who get stomach surgery on Insurance's dime, which is really OUR DIME because our premiums go up. I am not a drug addict nor have the inclination to start using used needles. I also work out and eat right yet my taxes keep go nuts because in the USA you can be a COMPLETE moron and abuse your body but hey "everyone else will cover it".
Now on top of programs to break them from their "habit" we will need to cover their medical expenses???? WTF man!

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Fucking Nintendo..... has the best customer service ever.
I swear next to Google "I" (big inflection) started to feel bad by the end of my call. 
I went to order a simple circle pad pro XL for my 3DS XL. I know I ordered the XL but somehow the order got screwed up and I received the standard size. On top of that due to shipping issues it came late and I had paid EXTRA for 2 day shipping.

Any way by 3 seconds into the call they made me feel so bad with the corrections they did I almost want to throw my PS4 out a window and buy a WiiU..... I mean I won't, Im not crazy, but still. 

Im not saying what they did for me because it was literally above and beyond and I don't want people scamming them but we found the issue when he went to correct my order to a XL version and it even reversed his to a standard size one, so it was an error in their system causing it. With Monster Hunter 4U coming out I'm hoping everyone looking to pick up this device double and TRIPLE checks their orders.

Im still peeved at waiting but for what its worth they really eased my state of mind.

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Kingdom Hearts DDD - poop on a stick!

I LOVE KH.... All of them, except chain of memories of course, but I played most of it (a couple times actually but could never finish it). 
This one though is very lack luster. It just seems like 10 pounds of shit in a 5 pound bag.
The graphics and story is fine to me (so far, I JUST finished Trons world) but the gameplay stinks.

I find the battles overly BUSY for a small 3DS XL screen. To often enemies appear and disappear from view attacking me where I cant see them. I never had this problem in ANY other version of the game. It seems that they made Sora and Riku just take up way to much of the screen in this one. BBS was one of my FAV titles. I loved 358/2 and even Coded, even though 1&2 are def the best. To me this is not a handheld title, it NEEDS to be on consoles. 

Besides the cluttered screen let me tell you the flowmotion stinks. That and reality drifts are just not needed and often cause more harm than good. This drives me nuts during boss fights more than anything. I hit Y to roll away from a boss attack only to end up on some unseen rail or wall that sends me FLYING in some direction taking hits and losing my chance to cure. I wish you could actually turn this off but its needed to actually even progress on some levels.  Its just way to irratic. It reminds of of playing Infamous or Mordor and youre trying to escape only to have your character grab a ledge and not let go getting you killed. 

And dont get me started on the spirits. CMON MAN, I want either Donald and Goofy or NOTHING. Playing solo in the other handheld titles was not bad, even fun but having the Spirits is just not fun. 
I hate having to create them, pet them, give them cake....? REALLY!?
Its not a tomogachi game, its frigging Kingdom Hearts! This isnt nintendogs! It actually belittles the game.
I would have rather been solo OR EVEN BETTER just give me the main character from the world Im in. When in Norte Damne let Quasi or the knight help me. I think limits and links with them would be WAY better than with the spirits and I wouldnt feel the need to keep swapping spirits and leveling them for no reason.

All in all you are talking to a guy who has TWO Kingdom Hearts Tattoos, so Im a fan but the execution in this game is AWFUL.

Yes its a bit more difficult but that doesnt bother me. In all honesty it did at first but then I remembered what a cakewalk the other games were  and this difficulty became fun but when you mix that with horrid control and game mechanics that throw you around to the point where you cant see yourself it just become not fun. The challenge becomes fake. Youre fighting yourself more than the enemies. 

The visuals are nice, but oddly I still think for an older console the PSP version looked better. It was crisper, less cluttered and your character took up only a small portion of the screen most of the time. This made you feel like you were playing on a console since you had more peripheral vision. 

Also OMFG dont get me ranting on Dropping! EVERY boss yet I have been just at beating only to have my character drop. This is ridiculous and TOTALLY takes you out of the game. There was no reason for this. Drops should have been done directly after defeating a boss or at your OWN chosen time. Its a stubborn PITA to drop in a boss fight because when you re enter the boss is fully charged again..... WTF!
Boss battles should be drop immune. 

Im going to finish it because I feel its a needed portion of the story before 3 comes out (HOPEFULLY on PS4 and not WiiU). I do not want to start 3 like I did 2 wondering who the hell Roxas is and why Sora's in a tube.
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