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RMCIS Appointment Scheduler

RMCIS Appointment Scheduler is released
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Create and manage day-to-day appointments in your office or practice, with the help of this lightweight and user-friendly application

RMCIS Appointment Scheduler is a comprehensive and reliable software solution developed to provide offices or medical practices with an effective method of organizing client or patient consultations for one or more employees.
Clear-cut and intuitive usage

The utility features a very clean and well-structured user interface, making it approachable for individuals of all levels of experience, right from the first run.

The main window of RMCIS Appointment Scheduler displays the existing resources (for instance the available doctors) and today's corresponding patients or customers.
Effortlessly create and manage appointments in your office

For starters, you will need configure the program’s functioning settings, specifically add the ‘Services’ and ‘Resources’ which will be used for appointments, consults or other similar purposes. The former in particular refers to employees, so you will also need to enter their working hours, their fee and other contact details.

Afterward, you can begin building your patient database, by inputting their first and last name, gender, contact details (phone number, email address, home address and other notes you might feel are helpful).

This can be done as you go along, even when you create a new entry, for a precise date and time interval. The color-coded system allows you to signal ‘New’, ‘Checked-in’, ‘Closed’, ‘Billed’, ‘Paid’ or ‘Canceled’ appointments.

From the ‘Billing and Invoice’ section of RMCIS Appointment Scheduler, you can view which clients are yet to be pay for the provided services and issue their invoices. Also from this tab, you can manage payments and sales from a certain time interval.

Main features:
Configurable scheduler UI, include width, height, background color for different appointment status and working hour
Create/Modify customer record
Create/Modify/Cancel appointments(using scheduler UI)
Create/Modify/Remove self defined company events  (such as lunch break,PTO, sick leave etc  )
Create/Modify/Enable/Disable resources/employees (scheduler columns)
Create/Modify/Enable/Disable Server/Tax
Create/Delete invoice
Generate invoice from appointment
Print invoice as pdf
Make payment record
Daily appointments report
Customer referral report
Payment summary report
Account receivable summary report
Build-in account management and role based permission control
Build-in billing/invoice module
Other reports and features

Server edition is available supports login from multiple PCs
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RMCIS Appointment Scheduler 1.0 Official Launch - coming soon
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Desktop-based appointment management system that makes it easy to manage your customers, appointments and resources/service/locations
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