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Most trusted source of technology, business and market Innovations in 5G
Most trusted source of technology, business and market Innovations in 5G

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On the way to 5G Networks

Worldwide expectations around 5G are high. Unlike previous generations that were realized with a set of high-performance mobile networks, the promise of 5G is broader, and includes enabling a 24/7 seamlessly connected society with faster speeds and low latency capabilities, new augmented virtual reality worlds, and important capabilities to connect a large amount of always-on IoT devices in the future Internet of Everything.

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Happening in 5G this week:

1. The Game Developers Conference 2017 demos underscore the trend towards mobile AR/VR, and the role of 5G connectivity to enable the user experience on the move;

2. 3GPP announces a work schedule for early completion of Non-Standalone 5G NR specs likely including a LTE mobility anchor;

3. China Mobile Prepares 5G Second-Phase Trials in 3.5 GHz;

4. A 5G Massive MIMO Testbed in UK yields 100 Bits/Sec/Hertz; and

5. FWA trying to disrupt FTTH in the last mile.

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Happy New Year to everyone!

Best wishes for a prosperous, joyful and better World in 2017.

From all of us @ 5G MAGAZINE by

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US Cellular 5G Trial in 15 GHz Band Hits 9 Gbps

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Happening in #5G this week:
1. AT&T biz trial
2. Mobile 3D-Video
3. Network Codes
4. BT, Fastweb deals
5. 800m link in 60 GHz

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We are celebrating 100 'Likes' on our Facebook page. If you are on Facebook, you can find us there too....

We hope to be able to celebrate our 100 followers in this G+ page....


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On the way to 5G, Japan's NEC says it's got the 5G basestation mmWave antenna

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Groundbreaking Results in DoCoMo 5G Trials with Huawei and Samsung

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Android Bikes, Enhance Logistics and the Uberization of Parking in Next-Generation Transit.
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