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that's a bad ass car.! It sucks to have no money cause i would like a dream machine to lol
I had watched the 1st episode and just seeing the concept for the car its amazing. I can honestly say that its an original car indeed..
My nig, keep rolling it. u'r my mobile wallpaper
Aaron L
Awesome show , soon to be a big hit with other celebs. 50's Formula1 car is gonna look Tiggght!
50 Cent good men, top Hip Hop + Rap Battle, nice, 50 go to my website yes? thx 50.
My dad love u man yall should show up together like meet in phill and i love your movie die hard or get rich
Love this show with you expressing your creative side of what you want
a hyabusa engine? really. i hope you didnt pay those assholes much.
that car was the shit man whats good yo i wish you were here yo i could hit u up with some more music look up super4neat on youtube ight
i will send...........
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