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check this sh*t out they building my new custom car
Video After The Jump On the premiere episode of SyFy's Dream Machine we get an inside look at Marc and Shanon Parker, owners of Parker Brothers' Concepts,…
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that's a bad ass car.! It sucks to have no money cause i would like a dream machine to lol
I had watched the 1st episode and just seeing the concept for the car its amazing. I can honestly say that its an original car indeed..
My nig, keep rolling it. u'r my mobile wallpaper
Aaron L
Awesome show , soon to be a big hit with other celebs. 50's Formula1 car is gonna look Tiggght!
50 Cent good men, top Hip Hop + Rap Battle, nice, 50 go to my website yes? thx 50.
My dad love u man yall should show up together like meet in phill and i love your movie die hard or get rich
Love this show with you expressing your creative side of what you want
a hyabusa engine? really. i hope you didnt pay those assholes much.
that car was the shit man whats good yo i wish you were here yo i could hit u up with some more music look up super4neat on youtube ight
i will send...........
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