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This popular book will rock your world, inspire your mind, uplift your spirits and soothe your soul
This popular book will rock your world, inspire your mind, uplift your spirits and soothe your soul

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Inside this book you’ll find insights that have been drawn from solving lifes’ problems, answers that have been inspired from questions that so many people ask, messages of encouragement to make you feel so much better and words of wisdom to help you “remember” your own inner guidance.

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DID YOU KNOW THAT YOU ARE LOVED FOR WHO YOU ARE … without needing to change, without needing to prove you’re worthy, without needing to lose weight, give up addictions, choose the right religion, worship the one true God, subscribe to meditation, confess your sins, right your wrongs, forgive your enemies, please your parents, follow the rules … without expressing gratitude, without feeling loving, without any requirements at all?

Inside your own heart is a place where total and utter unconditional love resides. You can touch it with your hand, feel it through a deeper breath, sense it in the stillness, see it as the light, taste it through a smile, call it in your darkest hour and know it as the essence of life itself.

You are never alone. Your own inner YOU is always waiting for you to remember how connected you really are.

[an excerpt from Leading A Relationship Into The Light]

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Don’t ever let problems get you down. Something good comes out of every struggle, something that makes life way better than it could have possibly been otherwise.” ~ ER

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What I CAN do, is only limited by my desire to do it.
My budget, is only limited by my creativity.
My mood, is only limited by what I’m giving the most attention to.
The quality of my life, is only limited by my story about it.
The closeness of my relationship, is only limited by my attitude towards my mate.
What I can have, is only limited by what I’ll allow myself to believe.
Where I can go, is only limited by my imagination.
What is possible to make real … has no limits at all.

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I’M A CREATOR … I don’t complain about my reality – I create it by pretending things are better than they seem to be, by imagining a brighter tomorrow, by faking it ’till I make it and by having such a strong belief in what’s possible, that it can do nothing else but become real.

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ENJOY MAKING UP WITH MY MATE … I overlook the need for an apology.

Can I instead tempt you to smear freezing cold ice-cream over my body as punishment for whatever you think I’ve done wrong?
I dunno … maybe some gentle spanking might be in order too … lol.

Sexual healing has far more success than discussing issues can possibly overcome
as it takes us out of our minds and connects us to a more spiritually fulfilling place.

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MY TEN COMMANDMENTS (simple strategies to help me live a more fulfilled life)

1. Breathe deeper (always helpful).
2. Take notice of what I’m thinking now and make sure it’s about things I DO want, not about what I don’t.
3. Only get involved in conversations that are uplifting.
4. Spend as much time as possible appreciating everything I’ve already been given and being thankful for what’s still to come.
5. Write down the positive aspects of every situation that’s causing me discomfort.
6. Make sure my beliefs line up with what I want for my life.
7. Allow other people the space to grow, to live their own lives and NOT become dependent on me for anything.
8. Give to myself first. When I fill myself up, the overflow naturally showers others.
9. Be authentic. Follow my bliss. Live the life that’s right for me, in tune with my own integrity.
10. Do whatever it takes to align myself with my creator, my inner self, with God, with love and then allow all thoughts, words and actions be inspired from that place of deeper knowing. ~ ER

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more fun, more laughter, more joy, more light-heartedness, more delight, more intimacy, more deliciousness, more pleasure, more excitement, more touching, more loving, more ecstasy, more bliss … with a little bit of drama thrown in for variety.

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The best leaders aren’’t those who try to get as many people as possible to believe what they think is “right” (that’’s being a dictator), the best leaders are those who encourage others to find their own answers, to be aware of their own internal guidance and to discover their own “truth”.

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TIP #52 …


Here is your mission if you choose to accept it.… Find as many excuses as you can to be happy, as many reasons as possible to feel good and as many things as you like to appreciate about yourself, your life, your mate and especially your enemies … just for a day, maybe a week, maybe even the for rest of your life!

(This message will only self destruct if you still aren’’t smiling!)

~ From the author of
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