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Get tourist information, destination information and much more @ 4 smart tourists, your travel advisor
Get tourist information, destination information and much more @ 4 smart tourists, your travel advisor

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#hotels  aufgepasst! Machen Sie Ihr Haus in facebook buchbar! Ganz einfach mit der HRS App für Ihre Facebook Seite.
In 1 Minute eingerichtet!

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Stress am Flughafen bei Verbindungsflügen? Amsterdam beruhigt.... :)

TripAdvisor uses you and your community to do their marketing job! Is that what you want to do? We are wondering if hotels, resorts and other accommodations are realy aware what they do when they share posts like the following with their community:

* Facebook post by Royal Resorts *
If you’ve had a great time & you’re bursting to tell everyone, then be sure to write about your Royal Holiday Experience on It’s a great way to tell the world why Royal is the best choice for a holiday anywhere any time!"

Sorry, but as the property owner or marketing responsible I would never ever post something like that. This way I promote only, and realy only marketing giant TripAdvisor and not my property nor my properties internet presence.

We consider this the biggest online marketing mistake a company can do. Not only promoting the wrong site also giving your community a step closer to your competitors.

Social networking is important, it is a way of customer relation management and should never be given into others hands then yours. So why would you do that? We do not know what TripAdvisor tells you to make you do that, but think twice and you see what you give away!

How do you like the new Google+ looks and feels? To me, this is a step back...

Happy relaxing easter to you all

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Maximize your social visibility with the 1st travel related social visitibility exchange plattfrom at:

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Maximize your visibility on Google+ now. Read the following on how to optimize your Google+ page.

If I wouldn't know better, if you search for hotel anaheim on Google+ there is only one hotel showing up? Where are the others? Do they wanna miss up a chance and not be found?

Did you already update your facebook fan page and switch to the new Facebook Timeline Fanpage? Need a example? ... So far we do not see any big change. When will you switch? Let us know! Thank you.
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