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Weekly Golden Nuggets
In preview of each week’s game, recaps some of the weeks best moments and the key notes you need to know before this week’s #49ers clash.

Opponent: vs Colts
Time (PST): 1:25 PST

Injury Report:
LaMichael James RB
Vernon Davis     TE
Ray McDonald DT
Justin Smith DT
NaVorro Bowman LB
Eric Reid S
Aldon Smith LB
Mike Iupati G
Colin Kaepernick QB

Dwayne Allen TE
Antoine Bethea S
LaRon Landry S
Pat Angerer LB
T.Y. Hilton WR
David Reed WR
Kavell Conner LB
Darrius Heyward-Bey WR
Samson Satele C
Reggie Wayne WR

It was ugly.  Really, really, really ugly.  The 49ers got beat up, they got banged up, and they got owned on the field.  They were distraught, had no answer for the Seahawks, and had the game dictated to them on the Seahawks terms.  All of that, and rain delay, it had to have been one of the ugliest games of the Harbaugh era.  The 49ers will have to find an answer to the Seahawks if they are going to make it to the Super Bowl, that means owning the line of scrimmage in the middle as well as the outside of the field.  Oh, and hitting them harder than they are hitting the Niners. 

Game Plan:
On offense - Get the run game going.  The Colts are a good team, but the 49ers need to be able to establish the run for the first time this season.  They have to give teams a reason not to stack the box against them, and then the passing game, and read option will really start to open up.  The 49ers obviously have to account for some familiar players and coaches too.

On defense - This will be a major chess match between players and coaches who know each other well.  The 49ers will try to give Luck a few new looks to sort out because of his ability to dissect formations quickly.  Part of the challenge will be getting a big push up front from a defensive line that has injuries to every starter.

Key Matchup:
Jim Harbaugh vs Andrew Luck.  Will the student become the teacher? Let’s hope not.  Harbaugh knows Andrew Luck better than everyone.  He and Fangio will be looking to show their dominance after last week, while the stands will be filled with Stanford friends of Luck to support him.  Want to bet that neither wants to lose this match?

Harbaugh setting up the officials:
Q: “So did you think it was a penalty because it would have been a hit by saying it’s flawed and biased?”
A: “Do I think it was a penalty? No. That’s the way the rule’s written right now. Let somebody else carry the water on that from now on. One voice isn’t enough there.”

“Plus-plus across the board. Someone that has a very special place in my heart and with the team as well. He’s always about being the disciple of the team, what helps the team win. A great team player.”  -- Jim Harbaugh of 49ers fullback Bruce Miller

Harbaugh vs the Media:
Q: “How often have, in the last couple of seasons, have you talked to Andrew in this last year?”
A: “I don’t know exactly how many times.”

Quote of the Week:
"We did not bring him in here, I guess, to be the water boy on Sunday, so he'll be ready to roll… This guy is a rolling ball of butcher knives… He fits our system, our scheme to a tee…  It's great. You have a great young quarterback, a great young runner… We're trying to build a monster. We're trying to build a program for sustained success for the long haul." -- Colts coach, Chuck Pagano on Trent Richardson

Taking out the trash:
“He always won, so after all those years of him bullying me I get a chance to get back at him.” -- Colts Vontae Davis on his bother, 49ers Tight End, Vernon Davis

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