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Opponent: vs Packers
Time (PST): Sunday 1:40 PM PST

Injury Report:
CB Carlos Rogers (hamstring), LB Dan Skuta (foot), CB Eric Wright (hamstring), WR Jon Baldwin (illness), LB Navorro Bowman (wrist), CB Tarell Brown (ribs), C Jonathan Goodwin (not injury related), RB Frank Gore (knee), G Mike Iupati (knee), DT Justin Smith (shoulder).

It was an odd game, after jumping up 17-0 and dominating the first quarter, the 49ers went to sleep.  Bowman dominated the field, and Dawson - whose field goal streak came to a close early in the game, made two key kicks for the win.  The real question… have the 49ers been playing it close to the vest all season to keep their opponents guessing, or are they really not firing on all cylinders?  We should start to see the truth this weekend in the Wild Card matchup vs Greenbay.  

Game Plan:
OFFENSE:  The 49ers need to dominate the line of scrimmage.  We don’t know if the team will come out running, passing, or with a balanced attack.  They have so far kept the Packers guessing.  The weather lends itself to a heavy ground game, and that could get interesting between Kaepernick, Gore, Hunter, James and Dixon - the 49ers have what it takes to make that type of game interesting.

DEFENSE: The 49ers have a big question at cornerback as Carlos Rogers and Eric Wright are battling hamstring injuries.  The success of this defense will depend on whether the 49ers front can get enough pressure on the Packers that the cornerbacks are not exposed in coverage.  Simple? only on paper.

Key Matchup:
Jim Harbaugh/Greg Roman vs Dom Capers: So far Capers has been a few games behind what the 49ers do on the field against Green Bay.  If the 49ers have the Packers as confused this weekend as in the past three games, this could be a walk-a-way victory.  If not, expect a grudge match with the Packers seeking revenge.

49ers vs The Officials:
Nothing to report

“I’m just boiling it down Barney-style for myself. And, we’ll take that approach and see if it works.” -- Harbaugh keeping football simple, especially on the road

Harbaugh vs the Media:
Q: Stylistically, what’s the biggest difference?
A: Stylistically, I don’t know any stylistically.

Quote of the Week:
“It was a great performance. Spectacular. And, there’s been many since.” -- Harbaguh on Boldin’s week 1 performance
Taking out the trash:
“If we can do what we did the first game and eliminate the run game, and force him to pass, I think we have a better deal going on this time to be able to stop it,” Packers LB Mike Neal said.

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