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Notes on first half: Big holes on defense. Very susceptible to the screen, and no answer for a quarterback that can move the pocket. The team also has a huge hole at nose tackle. On the other hand, pressure was successful, Dial forced a fumble and Ward blew the run game up in the backfield. Vance McDonald held onto the one and only pass that Kaepernick threw, Hyde looks solid, and Hampton was given a great opportunity on 3rd and 1 that he could not convert. 10 minutes to go in the half.
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I know it's the preseason, but it was for the Ravens too.  Granted the team was thin at DL, but we will be thin at NT at the start of the season, and thin at ILB.  I have a feeling, at the very least we will have to be able to plug the middle of the field.  I also worry about problems that have become trends, like the inability to keep a mobile quarterback under wraps, or convert short yardage situations (particularly in the redzone).
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