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Opponent: vs Seahawks
Time (PST): Sunday 3:30 PM PST

Injury Report:
Navorro Bowman, Ahmad Brooks, Michael Crabtree, Demarcus Dobbs, Jonathan Goodwin, Frank Gore, Carlos Rogers, Dan Skuta, Justin Smith, Will Tukuafu

The 49ers beat Carolina in a rematch from earlier in the season.  This time, the 49ers came prepared to score a few touchdowns.  The officiating continued to be awful, notwithstanding that, the game was tight in the first half, and the something clicked for the 49ers offense on the last drive of the half, and it was all over for Carolina.  The defense played remarkably well, making two goal line stops, showing Carolina a formation with Brooks as the middle linebacker - something they had not put on film all season.  Meanwhile, the offense depended on Boldin in key moments, but it was Davis and Kaepernick who scored the only touchdowns.  The win put the 49ers in their third Conference Championship in as many years - a record for Head Coach Harbaugh who is only 3 years into his job.

Game Plan:
OFFENSE: Score touchdowns.  Protect the Ball.
It sounds simple, but many of the 49ers drives have not ended in touchdowns.  They need to score more than field goals to beat the NFC West foe.  Also, this game may be decided by a single possession so maintaining control of the football is absolutely vital.  Seattle has done a good job of forcing turnovers when the two teams meet.

DEFENSE: Stop the run.  Force turnovers.  
You can’t ignore the running game of Seattle.  In fact, the 49ers will key in on stopping it.  If they can do that, they may be able to press Russell Wilson into turning the ball over - and that could be the difference in this game.  Rather than bend and not break, the 49ers defense has to suffocate Seattle.

Key Matchup:
49ers Secondary vs Russell Wilson
If the 49ers key in on stopping the run game, as I suspect they will, it may expose the defensive backfield to Russell Wilson.  The group has played well in recent weeks, but will need to step it up to beat the crafty Wilson.  Wilson can make plays from anywhere on the field, and somehow makes his receivers look better than they are.

49ers vs The Officials:
Boldin on whether Seattle gets away with holding penalties or not.
Q: Did you feel in your previous games against the Seahawks, was there anymore or less called against them than other games you played this year?
A: “If you get called for it, it’s holding. If not, it’s not holding. So, you just play football.”

A: “Well, there are tough things about communication in a loud stadium, on the road that the offense will strive to be very precise at. But tough, this is only for the tough. This kind of game, this kind of point in the season. And our guys are very happy about it. They’re very excited and very much looking forward to this being a lot of fun. This kind of game, I was thinking of the things I would trade to be able to compete as a player in these games, in this game. It’s pretty significant.”
Q: What would you trade?
A: “There’s a lot. There’s a lot.”

Harbaugh vs the Media:
Q: That means do you need to come in and be physical right away?
A: “No desire to talk about what our plan is.”

Quote of the Week:
We’ve been everywhere, man. (Singing)  Been to Reno, Chicago, Fargo, Minnesota, Buffalo, Toronto.”
- Jim Harbaugh on the 49ers recent travels
Taking out the trash:
“There’s no question there’s a lot of hostility between us, but at the end of the day, they’re another football team.” -- Patrick Willis on the 49ers vs Seahawks rivalry

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