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Trivia, tacos and fun! Come on down tonight and meet our special guest...
We literally have something for everyone this week. We're streaming Dota 2 all week, we have Root Booze Floats on Thursday, Int'l Beer Day on Friday, the first Ren. Faire trip Saturday and the Gen Con Board Game Social Sunday.

We started getting cheese curds from a new vendor yesterday -- so far the breading is staying attached where it should be! Sorry about the issues with it last time. The new stuff is working out much better!

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You are almost out of time before Ren Faire tickets go up in price again! We have just a couple more days until the price jumps from $42 -> $48. Price includes bus ride to/from Faire, beer/cider on the bus, and your admission to the Faire! This is the trip people talk about alllllll year long, so dont miss it!
Register here:

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In addition to Battlebots on the TVs in the main dining room, you can also head into the back room tonight for a special playtesting event!

Demon Hearts Playtesting Event (Coming out on Steam August 7th)

Time: 4pm to 9pm

We will be giving away free copies of the game at the event.

Steam -

Welcome back to your weekend! We open at 4pm for all your after work drinking needs. Oh, and we have food too... But beer is just liquid bread anyway, right?

Tomorrow we have a little Smash Bros action courtesy of Event Horizon Gaming so come by to check that out.

If you haven't noticed yet, we posted all of the Cosplay Rave 3.0 pictures over on our 42 Lounge page. You can find those here:
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