Dogecoin is fast becoming the top cryptocurrency for online tipping

For the past few weeks I’ve been tracking Dogecoin, a light-hearted cryptocurrency based off an Internet dog meme. 

Currently this cryptocurrency’s market cap is in the millions of dollars. Price aside, Dogecoin has quickly become a popular method to tip comments and contributions on community website Reddit.

Dogecoin or possibly another cryptocurrency could very well become the de facto standard for tipping online. The lightheartedness of Dogecoin has attracted many newcomers to the cryptocurrency space. Just looking at the activity around Dogecoin sub-reddit with nearly 20,000 subscribers, surpassing all other Bitcoin alternatives is evidence of this.

With 100 billion total dogecoins available to be mined and the combination of zero to very little transaction fees, makes it easier for individuals to give away and use Dogecoin for online tipping.

That’s a lot more real value and use that I’ve seen than some of the other alternatives to Bitcoin.

Full disclosure: I own under a quarter of a million Dogecoins as I'm interested in seeing how this progresses.

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