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heh, posturing.

another attempt to ban ones and zeroes someone else doesn't like.

next up, demanding the tides do not cross the new arbitrary line.
I sure as hell do not like firearms or even the thought of printing any, but:

yeah,  banning always works so well ...reminder to politicians : if you force things underground they will still exist, but get a lot more dangerous...

also, precedents: I fear the looming "lets ban public use of 3d printers because they endanger this and that industry etc etc"
So, what is it about 3D printed gun parts that are so much more dangerous and threatening than parts made from a CNC machine? 
Hasn't that been a possibility for a lot longer?
lets just go ahead and ban all forms of manufacturing in the usa and get it over with
Here's a crazy thought - why not just prevent people ordering gun parts without a gun licence? Then the ability to print the lower receiver would be rendered useless.
there's an awful lot of ways to make a slug of metal fly out of a handheld machine at very high speeds. Some of them require gunpowder. 

I'm not in the slightest interested in making a gun, when I could be making a bicycle, or a stepladder, or guitars, or tractor parts, or robot bits, or jewelry or any of a billion other things instead.

It's a file. One of many. and trying to keep that file from spreading will only make people try harder to spread it.

At one time there was some sort of control on this, because it was too hard for even the above average person to make.

Only master craftsmen could make a gun.

That simply isn't true anymore. 
The conspiracy theorist part of my brain sees these kinds of posts and just thinks its different manufacturing groups pulling on the ear of a congressman while they try to figure out a way to preemptively ban 3D printers before they become too inexpensive and widespread and disrupt their business models of making little plastic tchotchkes they charge way too much for.  Then the logical part of my brain kicks in and I realize that this congressman probably only has a very basic grasp of what he's even talking about and having not done any real research into the whole thing comes across looking like an uninformed fool bending to the hysteria of a headline without actually understanding a damned thing about it.  Political posturing indeed!
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