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360 Total Security
360 Total Security - Your Unified Solution For PC Security and Utility
360 Total Security - Your Unified Solution For PC Security and Utility

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Here comes the brand new theme Apollo!
"That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind"

Ready to be the pioneer to impact the world?

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360 detected an in-the-wild attack that leveraged CVE-2017-11826, an Office 0day vulnerability. This vulnerability exists in all the supported Office versions.

The latest version of 360 Total Security products could detect and prevent exploitation of this vulnerability. In the meanwhile, we also highly suggest users to update Microsoft Patch in time.

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Here comes our new feature - Disk Analyzer!
You probably may have encountered this issue: your disk is filling up, but you are not sure what exactly is taking up your storage space. 360 Disk Analyzer is designed to solve this problem!

Check out how it saves you from the "file jungle" and free up disk space:

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Do you know that nowadays cybercriminals don't have to infect your PC anymore, but they still can make money when you visit certain websites and use your CPU to mine cryptocurrency?

New cryptocurrency mining script was recently discovered by 360 Internet Security Center. Check how to protect yourself now!

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Google just released its Android Security Bulletin of September. Within all the 45 issues found, 360 teams reported 28 ones, helping Google deliver security updates to users as quickly as possible.

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Have you heard of Instagram massive data breach recently? Many celebrities' info are being sold online. Although Instagram and Facebook has fought back to shut down the website, the attackers have switched to the dark web. How to protect your own Instagram account? Check it out now!

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Privacy Cleaner is now in 360 Total Security! This tool completely removes all your traces of computer activities, making sure your personal information stays private!

Upgrade to Premium to have it in hand!

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Back to School Limited Time Sale Is Here!
Get up to 80% OFF on must-have apps with 360!

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Don't like to be tracked by browsers or websites? Don't want to leave footprints online? Privacy Cleaner is coming in a few days to remove all the traces for you, including browser history, program activities, system run history..

360 Premium gives you enhanced privacy and security. Upgrade now:

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360 Data Shredder is here!
100% erase your sensitive data to secure your privacy!

Are you 100% sure that your file is really gone after it's deleted? As you may not know, anyone with access to your PC can bring back your deleted data with a data recovery tool.

360 Data Shredder ensures you a real file destruction.
When a file is shredded, it's truly gone.
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