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HEALTH UPDATE: Please stop taking antibiotics not prescribed by your doctor and please stop taking antibiotics prescribed by your doctor if you keep having to take them for similar reasons. The same way humans have evolved, so are these bacteria. Antibiotics should be a LAST RESORT when it comes to infection, not the first stop.

At +Frontier Spine and Health Care, a primary care chiropractor in Miami, we have specific herbal preparations for different kinds of bacterial, viral, and parasitic pathogens ready to help keep you healthy and protected during flu season and year around. Next time you get a cold, call us and build immunity instead of contributing to the end of the world! #antibiotics #endoftheworld #superbugs #healthcare #DABCI #chiropracticinternist 

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For the first time this century Life Expectancy drops. Chronic disease has risen in virtually all categories. Our lifestyles and our beliefs in managing disease with medicine are the reason quality of life has declined and now it seems life expectancy has almost reached it's end as well. Medicine can only keep you alive so long. Our reactive approach to disease and even evaluation is one of the major reasons that healthcare in America is steadily declining compared to other areas of the world. Our mission at Frontier Spine and Health Care in Miami is to change the landscape of healthcare by practicing predictive, preventive, proactive, personalized medicine. We treat each person individually and holistically, however we do not fail to diagnose using traditional western medical tools such as blood chemistry, advanced imaging, and functional diagnostics. We never guess, we always test to determine the imbalances that lead to symptoms and disease. Welcome to 2017, where alternative health care becomes the first choice! #solutiontosickcare #frontierspineandhealthcare #healthcare #notsickcare #proactivenotreactive #health #itsalifestyle #DABCI #chiropractic 

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Recently we have been able to help people control their diabetes using lifestyle interventions. According to the Centers of Disease Control, an estimated 29.1 million people in the US have diabetes (1). Type 2 diabetes is the 7th leading cause of death in the US, but if we take into consideration its widespread influence on the body and the increased risk for cardiovascular disease and stroke, that number is likely to increase.
The tricky part about type 2 diabetes is that it seldom presents common symptoms so it will often go undiagnosed unless properly tested. A few ways to diagnose type 2 diabetes includes: fasting blood glucose levels > 126 mg/dL; glucose tolerance test > 200 mg/dL; or Hemoglobin A1C of >6.5% (or all of the above). If a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes is made, there's no need to despair - there are many steps that can be taken to control and even reverse its progression. More good news? It's all within your power.
Lifestyle modifications such as diet and exercise have been shown to improve blood sugar control and decrease mortality risk in individuals with type 2 diabetes (2, 3). A diet rich in plant-based foods and low glycemic fruits and vegetables, quality protein and healthy fats has been shown to improve insulin sensitivity and glucose control (4). Furthermore, physical activity also contributes to improvements in body composition, blood lipid profiles, blood pressure, and blood sugar control and also reduces the risk of coronary heart disease by as much as 55% (5).
To enhance the benefits of lifestyle modifications, there are a few natural supplements that provide additive benefits in the fight against type 2 diabetes. These supplements work to lower blood sugar, improve lipid profile, lower inflammation and increase antioxidant reserves in the body. The best part is that you won't need to take supplements forever; rather they are used to help your body transition into a healthier state while also following a low glycemic diet and engaging physical activity.
With so many benefits provided by simple lifestyle choices and targeted supplementation, you can kick type 2 diabetes to the curb. The power is yours - we are just here to support you along the way.
#worlddiabetesday #diabetes #itsalifestyle #DABCI #chiropracticinternist

(2) Kriska, A. (1997). Physical Activity and the Prevention of Type II (Non–Insulin-Dependent ) Diabetes.
(3) Deed, G. (2015). Diet and Diabetes.
(4) Pitt, C. E. (2016). Cutting through the Paleo hype: The evidence for the Palaeolithic diet.
(5) Fretts, A. (2012). Associations of processed meat and unprocessed red meat intake with incident diabetes: the Strong Heart Family Study.

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Did your doctor prescribe calcium supplements for you? You may want to think again, especially if you have CVD in your family history. You could be doing more harm than good. When it comes to supplements and nutrition, you want to go to the experts, Miami's forst and only chiropractic internist. Call us to find out what supplements are good for you based on lab testing and thorough diagnosis! #DABCI #ChiropracticInternist #FrontierSpineandHealthCare #353heal #MiamiChiropractor

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"Apart from weight, doctors must look at physical activity to help prevent diabetes". You do not have to be overweight to be diabetic! This study looked at the long term effects of exercise in pre-diabetic women and found out what we have known all along. Get up and get moving and prevent disease! Find out what else we are doing at +Frontier Spine and Health Care to help our patients prevent and heal from disease! #holistichealth   #chiropractic   #DABCI   #diabetes   #healthcare   #prevention   #knowledge   #science   #Miami  

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Ever heard of Nasal Specific Technique? It could be the answer to chronic sinus problems, chronic allergies, other breathing issues including snoring, and even foggy thinking, headaches, and restore nasal function after trauma. #nasalspecific   #allergies   #snoring   #breathe   #chiropractic  +Frontier Spine and Health Care 

Imodium can cause serious heart complications! The following article explains how a seemingly safe anti-diarrhea over the counter medicine can cause serious heart issues.

Remember medicine only manages symptoms. To heal you must find physical, chemical, and emotional balance! If you suffer from diarrhea chronically come in for an evaluation and stop putting your heart at risk with Imodium. We may be able to help you heal your guy naturally and preserve your health! #health #chiropracticinternist #DABCI #naturalmedicine

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Did you know that bone broth can help you heal your gut? Try this delicious recipe approved by the first and only Primary Care Chiropractor in Miami! #leakygut   #guthealth   #healthcare   #nutrition   #chiropractic   #miami  

"Even when a family physician may not be involved in delivering the exercise intervention, they should know the main elements of an evidence-based exercise intervention so they can discuss with patients and refer appropriately."  Our doctor has a degree in exercise physiology as well as being previously certified by the American Council of Exercise as a personal trainer. We understand the importance of lifestyle when it comes to treating chronic diseases! Come check out your Miami Holistic Primary Care Chiropractor today!

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It's all a mindset! It all comes down to wants and need. Water is need. Beer is a want. It's always easier to do what we want. Remember in the end, we are a sum of all the choices we make! 
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