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So, you’ve started eating salads? That’s great. Salads are healthy but there are other ways to eat better too!

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It’s “that” time of the year again when you need a winter weight loss guide.

When you catch glimpses in the mirror… first a quick glance at the reflection in your bedroom, then at every single mirror you catch, so you can start getting a general idea of the price you are paying after winter.

You might have been caught unready, by an unorganized and mentally unprepared visit to a clothes store and now you’ve ended up in the dressing room, almost naked, with the crude reality in front of you: all those winter months are making you pay a price…

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I love how sincere this post is and how many of us could identify wit it at some point or another of our lifes...My Innocent Attempt To Lose Weight After Pregnancy Led To A Vicious Eating Disorder

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A very practical post easy to read and to follow! 21 Super-Easy Food Tweaks That Will Help You Lose Weight

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Excellent post to help you when you don't feel like working out

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Last week I shared with you one of my family's favorite soup: Surprise Me! Soup.

Although it is super easy to make and you can adapt the recipe to whatever you have available, the truth is that you need a minimum of ingredients to cook it.

Preparing healthy meals is an essential aspect to be able to get in control of your weight. But it is worthless if you don't have a minimum of healthy ingredients available, ALWAYS!

Have a look at my post 5 Tips for Healthy Grocery Shopping which will help you gain the grocery store war with the food industry and with the inner part of you that it is trying to make you buy "not that good" food choices. 

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You know you should have a healthy nutrition plan for weight loss if you are ever going to be successful in your weight management efforts. More often than what you would desire, you are surviving on packed and pre-cooked meals, take out and many last minute sandwiches just because you haven’t figured out what to eat that day. Most of the times you don’t know what are the ingredients used to prepare the food you are eating and many others you don’t really want to know, because you know that's not really the way to go. You keep trying one nutrition plan after the other hoping that you'll finally find the right one. But months, even years later, not only you haven’t been able to get in control of your weight but you feel you are losing it more and more. And you wonder how can you learn how to create a healthy nutrition plan for weight loss you’ll actually like?
Let me help you…

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Eat to lose weight is the motto of the healthy filling meals series. One of the major misconceptions in weight management is to try to eat less to lose weight.

The less you “try” to eat, the more obsess is your brain about finding and eating food, the more cravings you have, the more unhappy you feel and the more you metabolism runs on a “slow burning mode”, so it doesn’t use too much energy (calories) to do the basic activities.

Once this state of mind is changed and you realize that you have to eat to lose weight, your metabolism will also be activated and more energy will be used to do the same you were doing before.

I am not saying that if you eat more you’ll lose weight. This is just one step of the whole equation, and it has specific rules. Among them: to respect the healthy portion sizes, (especially carbs) and to have the right combination of each of the food groups in each meal.  

Today I would like to share with you a soup that covers those requisites and therefore it is part of the healthy filling meals series I am including in my blog.

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Last week I was telling you about pre-diabetes and Type II diabetes. I shared with you ways to prevent the condition and even to reverse it.

One of the most important aspects related to diabetes is insulin management and taking care of the pancreas so it doesn't burn-out and stops producing insulin.

And one of the best ways to maintain insulin in equilibrium is to pay attention to Glycemic Index and Glycemic Load so you can control sugar levels and therefore insulin.

Many people think that beans are fattening and not a good option when trying to control your weight and/or your sugar levels.   

In this blog post you'll learn more about it:

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This is a good article if you want to dig deep into sugar: Sugar, explained
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