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321GoProject is a one-stop business resource for your gym.
321GoProject is a one-stop business resource for your gym.

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For the first of the Business Systems, check out the recorded webinar here:

In this live Q&A, we'll discuss 1-2 tactics around our member-driven customer experience of: Awareness, Interest, Integration, and Retention. 

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Today's consumer is looking for answers to their questions NOW. This means you need a system to communicate with your current and future athletes that is consistent and informative. 

In this webinar we'll talk about different types of email campaigns as well as some strategies you can use to have consistent and instant responses while maintaining that personal touch. 

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Based off the response from last week's broadcast, we'll be focusing on your athlete retention strategies this week. Those in the Academy will recognize this as your Bright Spots system. 

We will answer questions live, so have any ready to go!

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The first of a weekly Q&A series featuring a 321Go Project business coach. In this session, we'll be focusing on building a roadmap to develop business systems around your future and current athletes. 

Visit for additional info. 
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