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Drivers for UBER ATL have one option:

tweet to

Uber_Support on twitter. Text only to the GREENLIGHT number below.

Driver calls only on Friday between 4p-6p Uber Hours.



Passengers needing Taxi service can call 678–525–6532 24 Hours

Uber now has Teen service, a special app for parents busy who still

need their kids carried around. It’s safer and cheaper than letting them

drive the car!

PINK TAXI: Request service for FEMALES only. $5 + $1 per mile, 10 mile minimum. Pickups in 15–30 minutes. Appointments at least 2 hours prior suggested.


Discounts for Metro north areas, service on demand or by appointment. Cash accepted.


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Average Taxi Fares

Starts At Per Mile Short Medium Long Trip
Atlanta, GA $2.50 $2.00 $5.52 $16.45 $29.25
Marta Station Taxis $2.50 $2.00 $5.52 $16.45 $29.25

316 Taxi Rate Examples
Roswell, GA $3.00 $1.50 $4.13 $10.13 $17.63
Alpharetta, GA $3.00 $1.50 $4.13 $10.13 $17.63
Norcross, GA $3.00 $1.50 $4.13 $10.13 $17.63

Los Angeles, CA $2.85 $2.70 $7.14 $22.30 $39.97
New Orleans, LA $3.50 $2.00 $6.61 $17.75 $30.75
San Francisco, CA $3.50 $2.75 $7.78 $23.57 $41.91
New York, NY $2.50 $2.50 $5.95 $19.30 $35.00
Austin, TX $2.65 $2.30 $5.51 $17.07 $30.82


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Your future enviroment explained:

Our App: TaxiTappAtlanta.Com on the TaxiTapp global dispatch platform - wirelessly connecting our players

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People are excited about our TaxiTapp App:

Another UBER account hijacked
by Lisa Vaas on May 19, 2015 | Leave a comment
Filed Under: Data loss, Featured, Security threats

Isabelle Berner has been taking a lot of Uber rides in the UK lately, for somebody who lives in New York City.

At least, as far as her Uber receipts are concerned, that's where she's been Ubering.

But as Motherboard reports, Berner hasn't visited the UK recently.
That makes the £36 Uber receipt she saw in her inbox Thursday morning a little fishy.

Her UBER account had, of course, been hijacked.

She immediately changed her password, sent an email to Uber support, had her account hijacked again in spite of the changed password, got ignored by Uber for hours, and finally got a note from Uber saying that yes indeedy, it looks like somebody accessed your account illegitimately.

Uber refunded all the UK charges.

How did Berner get back into her recovered account?
With a password, which was sent in plaintext in that same email.

Listen: can you hear the hiss of disapproval? After all, as Motherboard notes, the practice of sending passwords via plaintext is roundly frowned upon.

There's even a site devoted to shaming plaintext-password-sending practitioners, called, aptly enough, Plain Text Offenders.

The problem, Motherboard notes, is that "few email providers encrypt emails in transit, which means the unencrypted emails, and all their content, can be intercepted while travelling across the internet" - a problem that Google, for one, explained last year when it noted that half of email is sent unencrypted.

Per Thorsheim, the founder of the Passwords conference, told the magazine that if an intruder gains access to an email account, it would be easy for him to search for "password", to find messages like the one Uber sent to Berner, and get into any accounts he could.

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'I hope you get raped' Uber driver tells woman
London24   May 18, 2015

316 Taxi has an awesome self-defense, GPS, CCTV security
system so this doesn't happen....

GPS helps police arrest man suspected of stealing Fargo taxi
INFORUM-May 18, 2015

And I might be armed with a pistol!

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Real Time GPS Mapping on map.316Taxi.Com and
via the app: courtesy of GLYMPSE

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