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uhhh i got a problem with your website. when i search for the komatsu ck30 i didnt find it please open everything you made it gone
I'm sorry, Richie, that model is out of stock and no longer available from the manufacturer...
Yea i love the multi terrain and compact track loader. (299c and 297c) the tracks are hard to move and i love how you sell models. i will come to the website every day
May  you sell the bruder mini series again? you are the only one you can sell all of the mini series and activetoys's are Discontinued. please?
Sorry, Bruder discontinued the MINI series. :/
And i know that the NZG Volvo EC20C Compact Excavator is small but why is it 61 dollars??? That's more Than The bruder cat excavator
NZG makes extremely detailed, intricate models.  They're on the higher end of diecast collectibles for adults. Bruder makes ABS plastic toys - high quality for what you're getting (a toy), but they're for children.  Thus the price difference. :)
We don't retire items, because we simply sell models that toy and diecast companies manufacture.  But a manufacturer might retire an item for a variety of reasons.  Sometimes they don't think that it's bringing in enough money to justify continuing to produce it. Other times they want to add to the collectibility (the rareness) by only producing a few.  And there are probably other times when they stop making an item just because they felt like it. ;)
These are our cheapest models with metal tracks:

NORSCOT Caterpillar 977 Traxcavator track loader with Metal Tracks:

FIRST GEAR Airport Municipal Services - International TD-25 Crawler with Ripper:

FIRST GEAR International 175 Crawler Loader with 4-in-1 Bucket & Ripper:

If you're looking for a more modern and traditional model, here's your best bet:

NORSCOT Caterpillar 963D Track Loader with Metal Tracks:
Actually, our customer service specialist knows a lot more about our product than I do, and you can email him directly at
MSRP = manufacturer's suggested retail price. It's what you would normally pay for that item.
As long as they're still in stock. But when they're all gone, they're gone for good.
That seems to be around the cutoff point for models with metal tracks, meaning if you want something with metal tracks, you're going to have to pay at least a few more dollars.  But Patrick knows more about our product than I do, and you can email him at
Oh, good call - the 850K does have metal tracks.
The 850J does too
Oh, sorry - both the 850K & 850J have metal tracks
Oops sorry that should say 850K! :)
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