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Have questions about creatine supplementation as it applies to your athlete? Our staff nutritionist takes the subject on in this week's #FoodFriday PowerBlog.  Click the link to get our opinion:

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Summer is coming, and it's time to up your game, or at the very least refine it. Want to see results? Register for our Summer Hitting Sessions coming up in June and July.

Why come to 2SP?
Our trainers are the best around, with histories of playing at the collegiate and professional levels, and years of professional training experience. We also have an established track record when it comes to baseball, it's where we started, and we haven't forgotten our roots.

Session 1 starts June 29,
Session 2 starts July 27

What to expect from these four week sessions:

We use the first week to go through the break down of the hands through the baseball.

When we come back for week two, we work on adding the legs to the swing, and then we work on coordinating the hands with the legs.

For week three, we work on an aggressive approach and getting out in front of the baseball.

When we get to week four, we bring it all together with situational hitting. We put program athletes through different game time hitting situations.

More Summer Hitting Information, including flyer, registration info:

Don't want to wait until Summer hits?
No problem, our staff is here to help! Our staff is prepared to handle individual position players (pitchers, catchers, fielders), as well as hitting instruction for 1-on-1 basis, small group, and teams.

Where is 2SP?
We're centrally located in Madison Heights, near 12 Mile Road and I-75, on Stevenson Highway.

To register or schedule a session:
Call: 248.397.8945
Our website:

Get social with us:
FB/Twitter/Instagram/G+/YouTube: @2SPsports
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Get today's #FoodFriday tips on the 2SP Power Blog: 3 Resources for boosting the quality of your diet.

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Everyone has a potential for speed; very few optimize their individual capabilities.  If you are looking to set yourself apart from other athletes, THIS is your opportunity.
Call us today and we can give you all of the additional details:
(248) 397-8945.
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