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We are Scuba Industry Marketing Development Specialists.
We are Scuba Industry Marketing Development Specialists.


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The AquaPod Mini

The SeaLife AquaPod Mini, like the longer AquaPod, lets you to get your camera close to both land and sea creatures while maintaining your distance, and allows you to get that perfect shot of yourself amidst all of the action.

Rotate the camera on the AquaPod Mini to easily take self-portrait images. Easy to use and hold steady, the AquaPod Mini extends from 15.5 inches (39cm) to 38 inches (97cm). It is particularly travel friendly, because its collapsed size easily fits into a briefcase or carry-on luggage.

To shoot still images with a SeaLife camera—and the AquaPod Mini, simply set the camera to “SPY” mode, allowing it to automatically shoot during set-time intervals. For videos, set the camera to video mode, and start shooting. For best results, make smooth and gentle movements so the lens stays focused on your subject.

The AquaPod is non-corrosive and resistant to salt water, unique among other handheld "selfie sticks" and monopods. The AquaPod Mini includes a wrist strap and a mount for GoPro® cameras.

Get that perfect shot of yourself amidst all the action.

Watch the video:

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From now until November 30, take advantage of 3 special programs.

On each of the High Five sheets, you will see special pricing for specific items within each brand. You have no obligation to buy into a specific number of items.  You can choose 1. You can choose 10, or even 50.

The initial purchase needs to be in a quantity of 5, 6 or 10 (the sheets highlight the quantity). All re-orders have no minimum requirement, except for a few bags — a minimum of 2. 

Please note the incredible margin opportunity for the High Five items when selling at MAP — even higher when you sell at full retail. 




Maximize your profits through Merchandising Planning that will carry you through 2016.

Place an order for 4k, 6k, or 10k and have those payments spread equally over 2, 4 or 6 months with the first payment starting in January. 

Deferred Payment Plan:

Place an order for 4k, now. Receive $500 free freight orders until August 31, 2016. 

$500 Free Freight:

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Eagle Air Raptor BAC Compressor

Click here for additional compressor images.

Details: Used

Brand: Eagle Air

Model: Raptor BAC

Model #: RCA10F3G2E

Hours: 197

CFM: 14

HP: 10

4 stage

3 phase or single phase electric


Weight: 1235 lbs.


1.) Compressor cooling design maximizes cooling air flow and permits against-the-wall installation. Includes top discharge heat extractor to maintain ideal compressor operating environment.

2.) Auto drain exhaust air filter

3.) Optional air quality digital monitoring (CO, H2O or both)

4.) Compressor and condensate drain valve access door

5.) Purification system access door

6.) High voltage electrical box access

7.) Appliance cabinet finish

8.) Optional remote air intake

9.) Compressor performance monitoring simplified through the use of graphic technology


Dive center closed. Pristine condition used with only 197 hours on it. Maintenance record available. Compressor located in Glen Mills, PA. Shipping not included.


$15,000 OBO


Unit originally sold for more than $25k.

Nuvair Compressor

Details: Used

Brand: Nuvair

Model: MCH 16/ ET Compact

Hours: 836.8

CFM: 9

3 stage


Weight: 335 lbs.


Dive center closed. Excellent condition. All filters and oil changed recently. Lifetime maintenance records available. Shipping not included.




#25ft  #compressor #nuvair   #eagleair[UNIQID]
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New ‘15/15’ special for May: offer valid between May 11-May 29. Purchase 5 Genesis, 5 Leagues and 5 Torrent LEDs and receive 15% off. -- --

#25ftspecial  #princetontec
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Purchase 6 Sectors (either 5s or 7s—mix & match), 6 Leagues and 6 AMPs and receive 10% off. --- --- 215-779-9811[UNIQID]
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The Sherwood Oasis Regulator has unique design features not found in any other regulator on the market.

Recently redesigned for added performance, this regulator is built for reliability and breathability.

The most dynamic feature on the regulator is the Moisture Retention Vanes. The MRVs are designed to reduce dry mouth while diving.

The Sherwood Oasis Regulator adds depth to your line at a very nice price point of $460 (retail pricing).

This video highlights some of the most popular options and features of the Sherwood Oasis Regulator.

Have a wonderful day and feel free to e-mail, or call with questions or orders.

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