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Here we feature everything about smart phones and gadgets. Tips and tricks. DIYs for all gadgets and tech news
Here we feature everything about smart phones and gadgets. Tips and tricks. DIYs for all gadgets and tech news


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WhatsApp Has Been blocked in China
It would appear that WhatsApp has caused China enough trouble that the government has blocked the app’s usage entirely. This comes after weeks of smaller blocks within the app, including voice chats, the sending of photographs and other files, and video cha...

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Netflix Wants To Enhance in-flight WiFi So That Passengers can stream its shows on planes
Netflix will help airlines improve in-flight WiFi as part of a larger effort to get its streaming service on more flights. The company detailed its plans today at the 2017 APEX Expo, saying it will make its bandwidth-efficient tech available to airlines aro...

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How To Fix Missing Bluetooth icon in Windows 7-8-10
Normally, the system tray of the taskbar or the notification area of Windows 10 is the place where Bluetooth icon resides and appears when turned on. It performs multiple functions like allowing a user to join personal area network, adding a new Bluetooth d...

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Oracle Release Java 9 After A Long Wait.
After years of patient waiting, Oracle released Java 9 with numerous new features. Project Jigsaw gives Java 9 the modularization that was missing in Java 8, making the latest version capable of strong encapsulation free from the package limitations. Projec...

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How To Repair DNS Server not responding on Windows 7-8-10
When you try to connect to the Internet, the connection might fail when we run the Troubleshooter, and you might get this error: The device or resource (DNS server) is not responding . The exact error would be: You computer appears to be correctly configure...

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Trello browser-based web app Can Now Be Downloaded From Windows 10 app
Planning and organizing play a major role in executing any task. Whether it is a project you are working on or an event that you are going to host in a few days, management is a must. And since bigger things are not done single-handedly, collaboration plays...

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How To Fix "Cannot download or install Apps from Windows 10 Windows Store
The other day I was trying to install an application on my Windows PC, but it failed. If Windows Store apps are not downloading or installing on your Windows 10/8 computer here are a few things you could try to make the apps will download or install success...

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How To Disable or Enable Disk Write Caching in Windows 7-8-10
Disk Write Caching is a feature that improves system performance by enabling write caching on the device. It is a feature, which is available on almost all disk drives these days. The benefit of Disk Write Caching is that it allows applications to run faste...

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What To Do When Xbox Achievements not showing
Xbox One offers unlockable rewards which are embedded in every Xbox 360 game called Achievements. These Achievements are further classified as the traditional Achievements and special Challenges . While the system works fine, there may be times when you fin...

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Amazon Reduces Prices on 4K Content As Apple Offers 4K for HD Prices
With the release of the Apple TV 4K, Apple has started offering 4K content  in its iTunes Store  at HD prices, meaning the cost of a 4K movie maxes out at $19.99. Apple has also upgraded previously-purchased HD content to 4K at no additional cost to consume...
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