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Super Hot News: Get 1WD Three Quick EBooks Now For Free Just For Three Days!

Today, 1WD is happy to announce the launch of our 3 quick eBook series! This series will consist of eBooks covering the latest trends, practices, and technologies in web design and development.

You’re probably thinking to yourself, “How is that different than what everyone else is doing?” Glad you asked! What really separates our eBooks from the competition is that we cover the same amount of material, go into the same amount of depth, but do it in an easy to follow 50 pages on average. That’s right, all the information you’ll need, in a size that you can actually read!

To begin the series we are first releasing three eBooks, covering Responsive Web Design and HTML5 and Web Design Trends. Here is a better description of each.
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I am really sad, amazon says it's not available for my region Africa :(
+Muhammad Shalaby looking into this issue..Amazon says worldwide..everybody in Afrika says otherwise, stupid from Amazon, and that's one big downside with 3rd parties..
+Muhammad Shalaby don't you have your local amazon? There were some issues in France, where they couldn't use US or UK amazon, but could use Amazon .fr
Its a Great offer I ever had…
That three precious books are in my Kindle…
Thanks a lot…
no We don't have local Amazon :(, I really wanted these great books.
How to upload index.php into the browser? please respond at
+Mohammed Uddin unfortunately it was one time gig, , no plans to offer these books for free any time soon and btw they are super cheap anyway.
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