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Credibility Driving Traffic
Credibility Driving Traffic


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I'm also a firm believer in Google Authorship. So thanks for the link to +Search Engine Journal 's

Only my opinion, but I'm fairly certain that Google now relies on Structured Data Author schema instead of rel=author. But maybe they use both?
Google Authorship, Gutenberg Report, New Fonts, Let’s Encrypt Trust - Tips Tuesday recap
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Internet Credibility
How do you find credibility on the Internet?
If you get it wrong, you lose traffic and profit. Get it right, and website success is yours.

This post marks the relaunch of Wondrous Me, with a look at some of the inspiration behind this part of my social network.

Looking at relevant tags, I'm guessing InternetMarketing, SocialMediaManagement, and SocialMedia are reasonable choices.

Does your network help or hinder you?
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I wish I could remember where I got the photo from so I can acknowledge it properly. Maybe morgueFile, but I can't spot it. Please let me know if you find it.
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