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Keep it simple - Argan Oil for men !

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With this “swiss knife” of cosmetics for men, you can easily eliminate 95% of your “lotions and potions”. Our solid bottle of 100mL of Argan Oil just does it all! 
Using Argan Oil is easy and fast. Just take a few drops and use it as you wish.  The applications of Argan Oil are as broad as the results are efficient. 
And results come quickly – in less than a minute if you use it as an after shave, in less than one week if you use it as a skin cure. Here’s a list of of Argan Oil benefits for men: 
Argan Oil:
Moisturizes all skin types including acne prone skin, dries in rapidly, leaves no grease.
Reduces skin Irritations such as acne, eczema and psoriasis. 
Tones and tightens sagging skin.
Reduces fine lines and wrinkles.
Moisturizes hands (I use it before tinkering or labouring around to protect hands and nails. Then after the work again to re-hydrate. You can put it also on feet, heels and nails.
Styles hair and beard. 
Eliminates dandruff and dry or itchy scalps.
As an after shave, it eliminates razor burn and leaves the shaved skin fresh and nourished.
Relieves from light sun burns and creates a nice tan as after sun care. Since I have a matte skin, I use Argan Oil as a tanning oil before a sun bath. I would not recommend this to guys with sensitive skin though.
French coiffeurs pretend that argan oil would be a hair growth serum – I am still trying…

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Vues du Pays d'Argan: arganiers sauvages entourés de haies de figuiers de barbarie.

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Arganier, l'arbre qui donne l’huile d'argan. Son utilisation finale: en tant que matériel de construction, ici des poutres ayant survécus des ruines séculaires.  

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Un élixir efficace basée sur 83% d'huile d'argan pure.
Super pratique: la pipette à pression!

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De retour au Pays d'Argan. 

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Dear Lovers of Argan Oil and Arganlounge, 

after all the christmas dinners, gatherings, get togethers and culinary experiences, January is the perfect month to calm down and take care of your health and body. That entails not only a steady workout schedule,  but also efficient grooming for your skin. 
Did you know that pure Argan Oil can reduce existing stretch marks and smooth your skin instantly? And what could look sexier than a toned body with impeccably soft and glowing skin? 
Convince yourself 

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Dear Lovers of Argan Oil & Argan Lounge, 

We wish you a happy 2015, filled with loads of love, health and happiness. 

We all start the year with plenty of good resolutions regarding our behaviour, or discipline and what we want to achieve in the new year. 
One of them should certainly be: Groom yourself. 
With our beautiful product line, every grooming session will become a very special experience for your skin, hair and senses. 
Indulge and conserve your beauty throughout the year :-) 
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