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MGK is bringing us his new video TONIGHT!!!

We suggest you #LaceUp & Tune-in @ 6p/5c!
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mgk is live to watch,not triying to be race but i do not like white wana be black rappers
i luv MGK he is so KUTE i luv me so white boys :0
i know right thx i hear tht alot
omg foreal my baby sis is 10 im 14
Love all dha guests and the crowd is ridiculous!
id be the one jumping on stage ^-^
He can rap and I love his new song " Invincible" wit Esther Dean!
I like ur profile pic:)
Yeppp:) he sure dont!
So true" Dere go dhat John Doe"
Juss heard dhat song:/ "All dhat cuz cash rules" lol
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