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Open Letter to Photographers on Google+

Most of you know me for sharing beautiful photographs. I am writing as there is something that’s been on my mind for some time now, the sensitive issue of Copyright Infringement - and I would really appreciate your feedback on this matter. 

Crediting respective photographers is something I take very seriously. That was one of the main reasons I started posting photographs, to try to set some kind of example and standard for sharing images via social media. I am happy with the success I’ve had, since I have a large following of photographers themselves who often send me their work and ask me to share it. I have more than 100K followers on Google+, 50K followers on Twitter, and 25K subscribers on Facebook. Most of my posts go viral. 

I do not use my social media stream to post commercial content, or to sell anything to anyone. I never claim to be a photographer and I always credit the respective photographers and provide the link to their website. 

In my personal experience, photographers are generally happy to have their work exposed to a bigger audience as long as they are properly credited. Unfortunately, the copyright laws on social media are very loosely defined, and the last thing I’d want is to be accused of copyright infringement.

I don't want to waste my time promoting photographers who don't want to be promoted. And more importantly, I don't want to offend anyone with my actions. I understand that an artist bares their soul when publishing to the world, and I also understand that a work of art can only gain value with more exposure. But in the end, there is such a fine line on the internet between promoting work and copyright. It would appear that even crediting all photographers there could always be someone who has a personal problem with how their work is promoted. 

I am hoping to initiate a discussion on this subject as I would really like your opinion on how you perceive the work that I have put into this hobby. Let me know whether you want me to share your photographs or not. 

#copyrightinfringement #copyrightlaw #socialmedia #photography #photographers #photographersongoogle #photographersongoogleplus #photocredits #copyright   #googleplusphotos   #googleplus  
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The Queen +Dubie Bacino ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
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Sun on the earth by Siavash Palm plantation in Guemar, Algeria. #palmtrees #sunlight #reflection
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Dubie Bacino

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Highrise - Simon Roppel Photography Northern New Zealand. #newzealand #sunset #beach
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Luv it!
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Dubie Bacino

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Heart of Lake Baikal - Photography by +Anton Petrus  Take a look at his Facebook page for more beautiful pics: #russia #baikal #rock
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Beautiful Picture!
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Gold and Blue - The Mosque by Julian John #mosque #islam #architecture
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So amazing, it looks like painting. I had to go research it and look at more photos, view other shots of the Mosque and it's architectural design. Simply Stunning! Julian John's work in general is quite captivating. Thank you so much the share, Dubie Bacino!
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Patagonia Sea - Marc Adamus Photography I think I might be inclined to shoot more actual seascapes if not for places like this existing in the world. The only trouble I had on this morning was the 80mph wind gusts I battled with my group on the hour and a half hike out to this location, which literally made us stop in our tracks more than a few times. The Patagonian winds are of course legendary, and on this morning they made for ocean-sized waves on this lake, but my favorite affect was watching some of the biggest gusts come through from our relatively sheltered cove here, ripping the water right off the lake and into the air, mixing with the sunrise light you see in the background! This particular shot is primarily 1.3 second exposures for water action sky using a 5-stop ND and 14mm lens. 
I uploaded this one larger for those with bigger screens because of the small details I like here. - Marc Adamus

#chile #paine #patagonia
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lovely treatment of the patagonia sea
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Light Break - Photo by +Mark Metternich To be honest I am a little nervous about posting this image being that it is the first image I have ever posted on a non calibrated Macbook on the road. As a color management teacher I have always preached against this, but because I am currently in Patagonia leading workshops, I can not get too picky at the moment! :)
This image was taken on my Winter Wonderland Workshop w Ryan Dyar as co leader. Instead of snow in the mountains we got dust storms in the desert! We made the most of it, calling audibles and going with the flow and everyone was happy.
All afternoon we were battling 50 mph winds and 0 visibility in a literal dust storm navigating via GPS on the dry lakebed. Suddenly, and for only a few moments we had a calming and a break in the thick dust in the air. The light burst out golden and everyone got their shot! 

FYI, I have just a few openings left in my 2015 tour schedule including a "Best of the Pacific Northwest" workshop, as well as some in the Great Southwest. If interested, see here:!i=3388779128&k=6vbNv9c or message me for more info. - Mark Metternich

#alvord #desert #oregon
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Beautiful Picture!
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Fairy's Tale III by Triskelant Cmi A new digital art composition inspired by fantastic Motion Picture. #bridge #waterfall #digitalart
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Morning Light - Greg Sinclair Photography Sunrise at Fanad Lighthouse in north Donegal, Ireland. #dawn #landscape #lighthouse
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Nerthus' Potion - Photography by +Stian Klo Don't miss out on the chance to explore Arctic Norway and Lofoten Islands in Northern Norway in particular, please check out for phototours/workshops + additional information, itineraries and more pictures. Tourguides are +Arild Heitmann and yours truly. Book your spot today! - Stian Klo 

#waterfall #arctic #night

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looks like a fantasy world ... Incredible!!!
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Death Valley - Eddie Lluisma Photography Death Valley National Park, California. #deathvalley #california #desert 
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Wow, nice colours.
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