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Baron Samedi (Geoffrey Holder)
Employed by Dr. Kananga primarily to oversea his poppy field production on the island of San Monique. The Baron travels everywhere with his boss, with his attempts on Bond's life coming to an abrupt end when 007 hurls him into a coffin full of poisonous snakes.
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All movies the tie is memory to history track knowledge.
One of the greatest Bond Films of all time, it plays off the Haitian Voudo Culture, and does it perfectly with a rather terrifying twist. I wish they did more with Baron though, like maybe have him as a recurring character throughout Moore's Films.
I hate poisonous snakes!!! If they aren't poisonous, I'm normally okay, but if they are, NO THANK YOU!!!!
The best and most iconic villand, and the best dying by múltiple snake bites. Yeah.
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