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Fucking delicious!
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I love mint cookies but every one in my Family think I'm weird because of that
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Got CM11 on my Nook now. Suggest me apps to get!
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Why are all the lockscreens for Android shitty or aren't available for tablets? I just want one where you swipe up (and only up. kind of like Windows Phone) and have notifications on it.
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I have a tablet, not a phone. Its a Nook HD+ running CM11.
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Hawaii got a makeover Oo
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黒い楓(Spice) changed her profile photo.

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commented on a video on YouTube.
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Lost it at "Lovecraftian cookie biscuit," then again at the fuck bunny.
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Back to Reisen~
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Google is showing posts from days ago. Thanks goog
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Saku Satsuki
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This is so well done....
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Just sold my ipad and bought a Nook. Can someone explain rooting for me? I've been looking on XDA, but I keep finding multiple threads with multiple ways of rooting. I just need a way to root it in that i can modify /system (for sideloading and other modifications), but everything else is pretty much the same.
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I'm now just following this:
The thing that annoys me the most is that they say to use all these tools that I'm certain Windows already has built in (you can format the card in Explorer, and I'm pretty sure Disk Management allows you to write partitions and mark them as bootable).
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Ok, I'm starting to get tired of all he anti-religion/anti-atheism nonsense I keep getting in my stream. Quite frankly, it's annoying. If you think that removing one or more organizations from the face of the earth will be a solution to some of the biggest problems facing humanity, it just shows how immature and stupid you are. It takes cooperation to fix all the problems we have. Not asshattery about how a small group of people makes a larger group of people evil.
That said, I''m purging everyone (uncircle+block) who continues sharing it with me. I'm sure you guys won't care, and quite frankly I don't care either. I'm just posting this so maybe you'll have a detailed reason as to why my posts disappeared from your stream.
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