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I no wonder why people can gone mad or crazy easily. I had pass a moment that make my life suck and sucker everyday. Met it everyday. That time my mind had going to blow every time too.

Working with the 3rd party is a terrible thing. It's out of control. My work and plan had failure be cause of it.

Before I got a job. I would to buy lot of. Games and toys.

But after I got a job I prefer to save money. To get money was really hard and harder than saving when I still student.

Why people want to be popular or interested by other even that thing can kill or destroy you? Just doing a little mistake can cause lot of problem to yours.

I had hate popular or famous people. Why they think they can do anything even it isn't a Right thing.

When was I start thinking when I heard a word about people call themself they are furry/kemono are horny or always need sexual? I can't remember when it is. I know there still have good people in a group but I can't take it out about they are horny from my head... 

Many thing I want to mutter out to my G+ but many times I can't translate from Thai to English. lol

My friends had plan to buy new 3ds game. First I don't interest but I start to interest because they going to play.

I don't understand... Someone had said feel lonely but have ton of friends in FB. And have ton of chat to other (7,000 - 40,000 times for top 10 chat). He already have much of it. How much he need to be not lonely?

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My Weekend... I had spent almost of time for sleeping. This weekend I had awake not over 14 Hrs. I think. That I completely waste the time. And I'm still tired and still need to sleep.

I hate myself I'm so weak. What happend on me...

Something may look easy to fix it. But the truth may harder than you think.

Other people may look change something in a pic is easy. Just replace it. But It may not only replace. you may ... blah blah blah...

In Thailand. Almost infamous people never be Right even do do a Right thing. Infact. Almost of famous people thing they had do always be right even they do a wrong thing
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