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Indicators checklist, To catch malicious insiders and compromised account actors as early as possible you can't wait around for a single unambiguous smoking gun to pop up on your SIEM.

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Free Wi-Fi, be careful don't trapped!!!!

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Downloading torrents in India could land you in jail for 3 years
Are you a criminal if you are using torrent in India? How serious is this? What are the key points related to it?

My answer in brief :
1. No new law has been introduced in regards to copyrighted content so nothing has changed.
2. The govt. is trying to scare you via such messages just like every new law student tries to show off with I will drag you to court dialogue.
3. The news report cited in the question description is factually incorrect and misleading. Even Islamic State cant prosecute you for viewing a TORRENT file.

My answer in detail :
Let me tell you a fun fact. Distribution of porn is ILLEGAL in India. So every time, you pass on that pen drive or hard disk with the hidden folder, you are committing a crime !!!

Now, coming back to your question.. . you are basically scared that the next time you type Game of Thrones S07E01 in a torrent site, will police come knocking at your door ?
My answer is highly unlikely.

Downloading copyrighted material/intellectual crap has always been an criminal offence, whether it is Captain America or Sultan, be it Eminem or Shri Yo Yo Honey Singh.
Govt. is just sort of trying to scare you via writing it on redirected web pages and propagating it through media. It doesn’t matter whether you listen an Arijit Singh song itself on a song site hosted in Pakistan or you download it and then listen it on your phone. You have always been a god damned criminal.
The article is factually incorrect on this account. Viewing a torrent file does not tantamount to a crime because it is not a copyrighted artistic stuff.

Besides the govt cannot act by itself. The person whose content has been stolen has to file a complain first.
In case of content of foreign origin such as Captain America : Civil War or Game of Thrones, assure yourself that nothing will happen. The creators (Marvel Studio or HBO) know that the number of fish is so huge that even if they make an example of 5–10 people, there will be no impact whatsoever. Besides, their content is so awesome that people cant just wait for it and rather prefer to pay than to wait for the torrent. And the foreigners also have a such a good image of Indian legal system, that they prefer to stay away.

However, Indian distributors can go after you. They have all the time and resources but still they prefer to back down fearing a public backlash.


Basically, nothing has changed. You will still access blocked sites and download content via proxy servers, VPNs or the biggest of them Tor. If that proxy server is based outside India and the connection is encrypted (https), the possibility of govt tracking it back to you is next to zero (unless of course they get RAW involved :P). It doesnt matter whether they implement DNS filtering or gateway filtering. Anyone, who’ll monitor your data will be forced to conclude that you are interacting with a random foreign server. However, when you are downloading via torrent, your P2P traffic is sorted differently from your normal HTTP/HTTPS (this is the reason many people complain of their speed being throttled when they try to use torrents during month’s end)

There are many ways to ensure more privacy such as using a VPN with torrent client, protocol encryption, using port 443 for p2p and so on.
If you are still sacred you can use sites such as Zbigz via proxy. This site converts torrent to direct download.

Edit : This post is for educational purpose only. I do not own responsibility if someone decides to misuse any idea I have imparted. I am strongly against piracy. You ask why ? Because I want my already filthy rich movie stars and producers to become more rich. Besides, I also respect works of art like Happy New Year or Kick and I want everyone to appreciate those with expensive movie tickets and even more expensive Blu Ray Discs.
Also, I advice you to get original content from Netflix and iTunes. Dont make excuses. Per capita income of Indians is higher than Americans and you can afford it you thief. Buaaahhh !!! :P

For more
Src :Quora

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In Israel, cybersecurity workers earn most – survey

Experience in the field prized more than academic degree. Israeli cybersecurity experts earn almost 3.5 times more than the average annual salary in the local economy, as per data compiled by the OECD, and more than their counterparts in eight other countries studied by Intel’s researchers Vanson Bourne

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List of Computer Forensic Tools :

COMPUTER FORENSIC application of investigation and analysis techniques to gather and preserve evidence from a particular computing device in a way that is suitable for presentation in a court of law.

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RANSOMWARE is most happening thing in technology this article is focusing on latest variants and attacking vectors and on serious note biggest threat.
Ransomware is the fastest growing and most lucrative form of malware, cyber criminals can leverage today, leading to an escalating upswing in new Ransomware development each month.
Be careful there is no silver bullet which can effectively protect infecting with scareware (Ransomware). They are highly sophisticated and not only encrypts files on a victims’ computer but also attacks any files on connected storage devices, network shares, system restore points and volume shadow copies. And now in some variants they are infecting the cloud services like Google Drive, AWS, Dropbox etc. It also steals cryptocurrency wallet funds stored on your system

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Scorpene leak: Expert for strengthening cyber security set up.
It appears that the source of leak is from overseas and not in India

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Business Standard, India's leading destination for latest news, analysis and opinion on markets, companies, industry, economy, policy, banking and personal finance.

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Brainjacking – A new cyber-security threat

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A sufficiently talented brainjacker could one day influence the behaviour of a person in worrying ways.

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Digital Forensics WhatsApp group where we share and talk on our daily concerns, doubts, jobs and discussion about digital forensics & Cyber Security. PM me with your contact along with country code & full name .

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Another awesome day !!!
My article on "21st Century Cyber Forensic" is published in the first edition of Digital 4n6 Journal. It’s a privilege to featuring on such platform.
For more :
Be Smart & Creative in Cyber World.

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