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‫קליאנטה החברה למוסיקה Caliente The Music Company‬‎
חלוצת המוסיקה החיה (LIVE) וסצנת ה DJ'S בענף האירועים הישראלי
חלוצת המוסיקה החיה (LIVE) וסצנת ה DJ'S בענף האירועים הישראלי

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Boom Pam
BOOM PAM MIXES IT ALL!A In 2004 they recorded with the rock and roll Israeli legend -A Barry SakharovA "Boom Pam" of Aris San, a huge hit to date, and the rest is history.Boom PamA - Uri candles (guitars and vocals), Yuval "Toby" Zolotov (tuba) and Itamar "the child"

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Acoustic Trio specializing in World Music with Spanish, Latin and ethnic elements, the repertoire is vast and includes classic Cuban, Flamenco and Brazilian standards. The group also combines all-time hits arranged in the same musical concept.
Musical Director - Zur Ben Ze'ev

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A Sensation- When Classic Meets Dance
SensationA is an international performance created by Master DJ Vic. It powerfully combines original and exciting adaptations for dance and electronic-house hits alongside a symphonic orchestra and a live back-up band.
During 2010 we've created 3 unique versions of the Sensation concept.

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Sahar Z
Sahar was only 17 when he started playing at the sizzling club scene of Jerusalem and over the next 3 years he began expanding his activities to Tel Aviv and the rest of the country.A Sahar was awarded the MTV's International DJ Award three years in a row, and while living and working in

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Dance Floor Acts - It's All About The Party!!!
As much as we accommodate each and every element in the event top to bottom we can't emphasize enough the importance of a good party, after all this is usually what the younger crowds are looking for and with the right musical content this could certainly be a long lasting experience. We take

Oded Kafri - The DruMachine Project
Oded Kafri - The DruMachine Project One man, a drum set, empty water can and the thrust of a nuclear power plant. Oded Kafri and his Drumachine phenomena is playing street corners and circles around the globe with outstanding reviews and exposure. Now available for your private or corporate

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Israel Aharoni
Mr. Israel A'Haroni is one of Israel's finest chefs and gastronomes, he is well known for his contribution to Israel's growing culinary scene as he is one of the forefathers of the Asian cuisines in Israel. Mr. A'Haroni studied Asian cooking in Taiwan, in addition he completed his internship in

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Tailor Made
A unique ensemble that performs acoustic cover versions to a variety of contemporary hits, the musical content is oriented mainly to receptions and dinner music and provides the perfect solution to clients that are looking for a young, fresh and accessible content.
Musical Director - Zur Ben

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Live Musicians & DJ Combination
Caliente hires top of the line musicians all well-educated in some of the world's finest music schools, we take great pride in our musician's cast and believe they are of great value.
Our experience shows that adding a live musician to the DJ's work has a tremendous effect on the party, it

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Party People - The Dance Floor Extravaganza
Party people is a DJ based band and is truly the ultimate party experience. The band is assembled from 3 singers and 3 musicians working the dance floor with the crowd, the repertoire is dance oriented and is performed directly on the dance floor, the group is vivid young and lively and the
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