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Daniel Bernhardt
I am a Internet Marketing specialist, a long time programmer, a die-hard fan of UI\UX and I always stay up to date with the newest gadgets that change humanity as we know it.
I am a Internet Marketing specialist, a long time programmer, a die-hard fan of UI\UX and I always stay up to date with the newest gadgets that change humanity as we know it.

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Tips for Content Writing

+Moz released another great article talking about the optimization process for Blog Posts, go check it out!

+Rand Fishkin nailed it again...
#contentmarketing #contentwriting
SEO for Bloggers: How to Nail the Optimization Process for Your Posts - Whiteboard Friday By Rand Fishkin #MozTop10

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Do you Need a Health Audit for your Website and Marketing Plan?

I reccomend using SEMRush for many reasons, primaraly for understanding your Competitors and your Website's Health. It costs 69$ per month and for sure is worth the value...

Want 2 months free on SEMRush?
Comment or Send me a Private Message...

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The Periodic Table of Google Analytics
Online Marketeers, Keep this close to your heart and mind! :)
Re-Introducing the Periodic Table of Google Analytics (2016 Edition) By Jeffalytics #MozTop10

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Why Blog Comments Are Great for Google SEO… and Users By Jennifer Slegg #MozTop10

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There we go, now Google+ has its own Art platform. I seriously wonder how this will effect SERP's..

Feeling the heat? #flickr #instagram #behance
Introducing Google+ Create

Today we are launching Google+ Create (, a unique program that gives amazing content creators the recognition and audience they deserve.

When we introduced Google+ Collections last May, we were blown away by the amazing things people began sharing, from the beautiful ( to the breathtaking (, from the profound ( to the playful (, from the whimsical ( to the wonderfully eclectic (

And people on Google+ agree. Since launching the redesigned Google+ in November, Collection follows have more than doubled.

But these Collections don’t create themselves. Behind them are fascinating individuals who bring their flair, imagination and craft to engage and inspire others. There are food alchemists like +maria nasir in Lahore, Pakistan, writers and woodturners like +Ellie Kennard and +Steven Kennard in Nova Scotia, and daredevil acrobats like +Randy T on a mountain top near you.

We want to celebrate these inspiring creators and amplify their unique voices. Google+ Create members get a verified profile, early access to new product features, a private channel with the Google+ team, and special opportunities to build their audiences.

Visit to meet some of our members, learn about the benefits, and apply to join if you’re interested. Or just immerse yourself in the diversity of Collections already on Google+ (

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Do you utilize your Google Analytics account to the Max?

After multiple people asking me the same questions about +Google Analytics and endless complaints from peers about the usefullness of Google Analytics, I have compiled a full guide on how to create the Ultimate Google Analytics dashboard. Check it out, surely you will improve your Online diagnostics..

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A usefull collection of Tools for Twitter
Pick your game up with +Social Media Examiner  list of 16 tools for #Twitter   Marketing
16 Twitter Tools for Social Media Marketers from +Social Media Examiner 

Do you use +Twitter in your social media marketing? Want to be more efficient and productive on the platform? To talk about a wide range of Twitter tools for social media marketers, +Michael Stelzner talks with +Ian Anderson Gray.

Which of these tools will you be trying first?

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Facebook News feed Algorithm Update
Check out what changed within the Facebook News Feed Algorithm in the last past week.

Great work +Raven Tools for taking the time to make this article.
Facebook Updates News Feed

Did you catch this week's News Feed algorithm update? Here's how Facebook is working to enhance the accuracy of News Feed. Plus, the additional factors they're now considering when it comes to ranking your Page's posts:

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I feel that there is a strong connection between Hi-Tech employees and Philanthropy.
Anyhow, big ShoutOut to +Amit Singhal for his greak work at +Google.
After 15 years of service, he is moving on. Kudos and Good luck in your next path.

In many ways, Humanity owes him.
Google’s Senior Vice President of Search, Amit Singhal, is leaving the company after 15 years of service:

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+Moz nailed it again with awesome tips for B2B Content Marketing
I have been marketing B2B business for the last 4 years, I assure you this whiteboard Friday will help you improve your Content Marketing strategy.
Great work once again +Rand Fishkin
Content marketing can look quite a bit different for B2B companies. Check out Rand's tips in today's Whiteboard Friday.
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