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The Crisis Response is monitoring the flooding situation in Serbia and Bosnia & Herzegovina (, which is currently affecting tens of thousands across the region. We've assembled the following links and resources, stay tuned for updates related to this event which we'll try to share here.


Immediate help information:
  - Ministry of Interior (
  - B92 (
Road conditions:
  - Putevi Srbije (
  - Traffic road map (
How to help:
   - General info on B92 (
   - Red Cross of Serbia (
Local press coverage: 
  - B92 ( )
  - Politika (
  - Novosti ( )

Bosnia and Herzegovina:

Immediate help information:
  - Ministry of Defense (
  - Ministry of Security (
Road conditions:
   - Bihamk (
How to help:
   - Red cross of Bosnia and Herzegovina (
Local press coverage:
  - Radio and Television of Bosnia and Herzegovina (
  - Vijesti (
  - (
  - (
  - Oslobodjenje (
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a ja sam mislila da me pozivas na nesto u kojoj kuhunji..... pa mi nije bilo jasno.
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A dyslexic-agnostic: a person who doubts that there is a dog.
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#til  Having sound problems in Linux?  _killall pulseaudio_ to the rescue.
#til  You can not choose to create, but not share a Google+ Event with someone.  

If you want to create an event because, say, you want to have a reminder and an easy-access to the address from your phone, you can't.  

You'd want to do this since it gets synced with your personal calendar and the new Google Now, so you'd not need to ask the phone to direct you, but use pre-prepared routes instead.

This, alas, is not possible.  Ye olde Google Calendar to the rescue.
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Noted also. But, if calendar does this automatically, shouldn't events do so, too. Interesting thing is, they do, since if I share with a nonempty circle, the event exists for me too, even if I am in none of the circles I shared with. Also, if it can be automated, it should be automated. So, two reasons to adjust this behavior.
Zorana at it again!
Yummy! Just got it done. Lunch tomorrow. No recipe this time, just pictures becuase I already posted about this 3 times, but they looked so good I had to put them on a photo shoot. Stuffed Peppers ala...
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the 2 peppers that were eaten on Friday are the large yellow one that fell apart and the long green one.
Lawrence sensei's monthly aikido posting
Ideas are like violets: when the time is right, they spring up everywhere.
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that is experience speaking, right?
CERN wants to tell us something, soon.  What, if I may wonder? #higgsboson
Peter Higgs is on his way to Switzerland to take part in a press conference. You know what this probably means...
Five leading theoretical physicists have been invited to the event in Switzerland on Wednesday - sparking speculation that the particle has been discovered.
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#musing  Should I not be able to follow my twitter stream on a G+ page? #unifiedmessaging?

To die for.

Or, to die of.  

You choose.
Place in the open safe baking dish and cover with lid. If your dish doesn't have a lid use some Tin foil. No need to grease the pan- remember you are cooking with excessive amounts of bacon. Bake ...
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Образовање, лудом радовање...
The one that's a Googler, an aikidoist, and a pilot.

Not a composer, nor a tennis player, nor a biomed student. Those guys are someone else, though we all share the same name.
Software Engineer
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This is one seriously creamy ice cream. Super tasty and all, but I am getting to old for that stuff. I worked through half the "small" come and started feeling queasy in the stomach from all the fat. Definitely try it out but do not overdo. Four stars for the health risk for the middle aged.
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Forgetting to order medications. Not impressed.
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157 reviews
I had to switch from a pre-reserved car at Fox Rental because Fox didn't have the cars they promised they would. National got me on my way in 5 minutes, on the corporate rate (I was away on business!) that was about 2 times less than what I would have paid at Fox. Hassle free, and I got a car that got me on my way. Well done National.
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How much is a loaf of sweet batard bread? Couldn't find this info online.
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