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The Stargate Rewatch continues through SG-1 season 5 with Rite Of Passage, an episode that features Cassandra going through a pretty tough birthday!
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#Stargate календарь: 10.02!

Сегодня 82-ая годовщина со дня рождения (10.02.1934-17.03.2015) актёра #RogerAllford, #Stargate #SG1 #FakePresident ( #DivideandConquer).


#StargateSG1 #SG #actor #dateofbirth #anniversary #commemoration #RIP
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Chaka and Unas are being captured and sold as slaves, SG-1 try to help. Sadly 50% of them are also captured. The Stargate Rewatch looks at Beast Of Burden
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