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Не се знам за да се опишам.
Не се знам за да се опишам.

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Is it possible for you guys to upload the latest ftf here? I've decided to go back on concept, but the ftf file that I have is dated somewhere before February and it took me a full day to get to the latest update. I was unavailable the whole time.

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Still applies...

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Really thought that it was lighter than this... 

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Can you please use another source or give us an in app fragment that shows the weather? Thank you. 

Just wondering, not sure if it has been asked before, are there any plans to support Google goals?

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Just showing off...

Can you please add the option to get images from Google Photo as well, since, I guess, it's the default backup app for everyone using Android devices?

Can somebody paste me the values when running this from terminal

cat /sys/module/lowmemorykiller/parameters/minfree

I suppose it has been asked before, but I'm wondering, why is the memory management drastically changed compared to 5.1.1?
With the same (and more) installed applications, my phone could manage 14 apps in multitasking without a hassle, but now, sometimes, it kills the second one, while the third is still active. The behavior is quite weird.
Is it a bug in M or are there some changes in the memory management with the apps.

How can I disable the popup that says to remove the battery optimization? I don't want to remove it...
Sorry if posted before. 
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