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#AcDisplay FAQ: If you have any suggestions about FAQ / new common questions write them in comments.

Q: How can I join beta testing to take a look at future features?
A: At this moment there's no beta testing yet. 

Q: How can I uninstall this app?
A: Go to Settings > Security > Device Administrators and uncheck AcDisplay. You can now uninstall AcDisplay normally.

Q: What is active mode?
A: Active mode uses the device's sensors to wake your device up when you need it. This works great if you want to pull your device from your pocket and get a quick glimpse at the notifications you've received. Active mode doesn't keep the CPU running so you shouldn't see a big difference in battery consumption.

Q: How can I hide the annoying «Welcome to Immersive mode» popup?
A: Unfortunately, Android is the one showing that popup... If you know a workaround for that, please let us know - patches are also welcome! Xposed users can use “Don’t Panic!” module as a workaround.

Q: What a nice app! How can I donate?
A: Oh, thank you! You can use PayPal or Bitcoins (1GYj49ZnMByKj2f6p7r4f92GQi5pR6BSMz) to donate. 😃

Q: Why was the interface changed?
A: In order to avoid legal trouble with a certain company, a redesign was necessary to make the two products distinct. You'll hopefully like the new design better, as it's more streamlined and is aimed at giving you the best possible experience!

Q: How can I disable the permanent notifications when active mode or the lockscreen are enabled?
A: The notification is necessary to ensure AcDisplay isn't killed by the system. You can, however, hide it if it annoys you. To do so, long press AcDisplay's notification, tap «App info» and uncheck «Show notification». Once this is done, all notification from AcDisplay will be hidden. As a side effect, the test notification option will not function anymore.

Q: I want to see pattern / password lock in AcDisplay. Any chance to get it?
A: Not a big one. AcDisplay supports any of Android's lock screens... Reinventing the wheel would be silly when you can simply use what Android already has, especially considering that it has been tested and improved ever since the beginning of Android, and it's more secure than anything an app can offer.

Q: The blacklist isn't working! Or how do I use the blacklist?
A: To use the blacklist, you must enable the app and configure it as well. To enable it, simply press the switch button. To configure it for the app, press the app's name and the configuration screen will open.

Q: What's the different between «Hide» and «Silent» in the blacklist?
A: «Hide» completely ignores the notification. «Silent» won't wake your device, but the notification will still be displayed if AcDisplay is shown somehow (lockscreen or another notifications).

Q: I can see a typo / mistake in the translation!
A: You can easily help out with that. Join the app's page on crowdin and suggest a better translation. Thanks!

Q: When will AcDisplay be available for older devices/versions of Android?
A: While it is understandable that you want the AcDisplay awsomeness on your own device, the truth is that it’s really difficult. Most of the features depend on programming APIs that were just released Android 4.3 Jelly Bean.
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Maybe you could add an item explaining how to hide the ongoing notifications?
+Sean Molenaar thanks.

Added question to FAQ:
Why are some of the settings blacked out and I cannot unchecked the box?
(I realize they are probably for future updates but took me a while to figure out.)
Q: How do I...?
A: Try turning it off and on again.
Will this use timed sensors (only active after x seconds since notification was recieved) and gyro support? For me, right now, proximity sensor is useless, since my phone it's always on the table
Hi there!

Could you please clarify which version do we need to install to be betatesters?

If I go to the link above (with the instructions to join the beta), it points to the "Deprecated" version of the app in the Play Store.

I tried uninstalling the "deprecated" one and installing the new one, but I noticed that the app was no longer using the sensors to wake the screen (i.e.: taking it out of my pocket), even though all the options were properly set.

I went back to the "deprecated" version and it works again...
Wow just realized the new version. Hope it keeps my screen off after falling back to sleep
+Sean Molenaar Thanks, I not have any problem, it was the notifications for the apps, but right now I understand how to remove the notifications. I'm sorry for my english :V
What does the xposed module for this app do?
+James Roberts I believe it removes that lovely persistent notification that hangs around when you have active mode or the lockscreen enabled. 
+Matthew Ashraf close but no cigar. There are 2 modules. One disables the annoying android panic mode notification telling you how to exit immersive mode. Number 2 disables the homebutton in the lockscreen.
maybe you could modify the unlocking animation letting the white circle to expand to the full screen. The dynamic should be the same of lg g2 unlock but the effect should be like the new kitkat transitions. I`m refferring to the transion when you switch from the new google camera to the gallery, or to the first versione of gel launcher 
+Sean Molenaar I only have one module. Is the other that no panic module? You have to download that one separately. 
+Francesco Tucci there currently are no plans to rip off anymore manufacturers. It didn't work out well the first time and we have no intention of repeating it. In addition to that this isn't really a frequently asked questions, actually it's not even a question at all so you should have made a new post about it in the feature requests category. 
+Francesco Tucci there currently are no plans to rip off anymore manufacturers. It didn't work out well the first time and we have no intention of repeating it. In addition to that this isn't really a frequently asked questions, actually it's not even a question at all so you should have made a new post about it in the feature requests category. 
+Салон Умный дом
Q: When will AcDisplay be available for older devices/versions of Android?
A: While it is understandable that you want the AcDisplay awsomeness on your own device, the truth is that it’s really difficult. Most of the features depend on programming APIs that were just released Android 4.3 Jelly Bean.

That seems to answer your question. 
Is there any beta version available?
Due to Exchange mail security requirements, I have a screenlock (15 mins timeout).

But I see that AcDisplay doesn't respect that 15 mins rule and activate screen lock PIN after 1 or 2 minutes.

Because of that I stop using AcDisplay.

Any possibility to fix that near future?
Any option to block physical home button coming? 
Suggestion when having full screen enabled to lock the full screen and give the option to not have the status bar and nav bar show if swiped from the top. Also the the notification to swipe from top to exit full screen be disabled. Love acdisplay using it on moto g . 
I'm no developer but when I've used apps like widget locker it had features to disable status bar in full screen mode and block toast notifications. Keep up the great work though I'm enjoying acdisplay. Another thing was the option to overlay apps. I'm using sidebar it's still functional over the lock screen. 
Ah I thought when it said lock screen it was to replace the lock screen or act as one. Ok then my previous issues don't apply. Still using this app. Love how I can view multiple notifications at the touch of an icon instead of having to slide down the status bar. I'll see what I can do to fix full screen notification and lock it into full screen mode.
I know it won't be as secure but it's nice to use it. If I even misplace my phone I remote lock it anyways but I'm enjoying the notifications on the screen and background image when pressing the icons
I can't dismiss notifications and I can't find the setting to enable it, any ideas why?
Vinay K
Active Mode Not Working on Moto E... Using 2.3.1v
+Vinay K that's not really a Frequently asked question. Not a question at all really. What's not working about it? Does the E even have a proximity sensor? 
Well the AcDisplay v2.3.1 is perfectly working in Moto E... And yes it has the proximity sensor
I've read about 2.4 version on github. I'm still with official 2.3.1. Should we expect a beta (or a release) soon or should I try to compile snapshot?
+Sean Molenaar I'm having an issue with the locker, when trying to open some notification (like Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger) it doesn't open the notification. Is this already known?
I'm using Samsung Galaxy S3 - 4.3
Okay +Sean Molenaar , maybe it's like this because of being the beta version. May I report back here, if I find any other app having the same issue, here?
Facebook notifications works fine for me since latest update - dunno if facebook fixed that or ACD - works like a charm.
Is there going to be a "show on screen wake" option?
In d new version of ac display if we miss a notification den its nt shown again on lock screen
I am new to Android so this might be something you can not control, but I would like to be able to blacklist Google Now cards (navigate home notifications etc.). Love the app, great to use and very pleasing to eye! Have not bumped into bugs (using Nexus 5).
+Sean Molenaar Thanks Sean, I want back to blacklist settings and found that checkbox to see the list of system apps!
I REALLY like acdisplay, it's a lot better than dynamic notifications. A few problems though:

I had to stop using it as the lockscreen because the unlocking is very sluggish. I use a nexus 4 with the latest ver of kitkat.

Also, and I haven't found a way to stop this from happening, but when the acdisplay lockscreen is in full screen immersive mode, the "swipe down from top" tutorial appears CONSTANTLY. there is no way to stop or prevent this from happening.

And is there a way to change the lockscreen's timer before the screen shuts off?
I really love this app but on my note3 rooted with stock rom/kernel it shows standard samsung lockscreen sometimes... what can I do?
+Sean Molenaar How I can do it? I don't have the option to set it to "none"... maybe related to kitkat update. Note that it's not greyed... I simply don't have it.

UPDATE: maybe this will help someone with my same issue. It was related to knox suite. I uninstalled it and the "None" option returned.
+Sean Molenaar Any way to hide notification details displayed on the lockscreen? Is it possible to show icons only and a message saying details are private? 
I cannot install "don't panic", 'cause I'm using non-rooted stock ROM on my nexus 5. Why not to add option to disable immersive mode?
How can I keep my notification light working with this app?
 Once I install the app the notification light no longer works and I was hoping they would work together.
Hey I really love the app but I get the "Swipe down from top" tutorial at least 5 to 10 times a day. This seems like a common problem. Is there any way to fix this? 
+Sean Molenaar​ I did. Is that what it's talking about when it says the "welcome to immersive mode popup" or the "permanent notifications when a time mode or lockscreen are enabled" I wasn't sure which one
Hi I could tell which is the latest version of the app? in google says v.2.47 play there any more current than that? Excuse my English.
Great app!! Works very well, amazing job guys! Just a thought.. Why don't make double tap to wake option? It already has double tap to lock within the lock screen, why don't make it to wake too? That would be AWESOME! Please make it happen :)
Material Design for next version? 
I'm sure this has been asked before... Can you please add an option to auto rotate the screen?
+Artem Chepurnoy​ hi I'm using nova launcher with the tesla unread plugin and when I clear a notification from ac display the unread icon doesn't clear away.. 
It would be cool if you could display more than one email 
Home button now exits to the home screen in the 3.0.1 version. Previous version doesn't do this. Any workaround on this?
+John David That's because Google broke some important flags in Android L release. Let's hope to see them fixed in next minor update.
+Artem Chepurnoy Does that mean there is a Lollipop compatible update out that I just haven't received? The Play Store says I'm up to date on version 2.4.7, and I'm having all sorts of issues...
+Artem Chepurnoy as long as it fixes the "double unlock" issue where AcDisplay doesn't dismiss the system lockscreen when in active mode, I'll be happy :D
+Artem Chepurnoy Id love to test versions of acdisplay , why not push a beta to everyone ?  I originally joined to this community to be apart of the beta .  still stuck on 2.4.7
Download it from github... Easy enough 
Yep it's just zipped. So unzip it in phone or pc and install that apk :-)
+Artem Chepurnoy​ is there a way to disable the home button so it acdisplay wont exit to home screen when pressed? Android 5.0.2. 
Ability to justify AC display to top of screen. Using S-View case and can't see the notifications anymore. 
+Stephen Daniels I didn't. :( I'm not sure how to access the source code on android apps and it's tax time so I don't really have any free time to learn. It would be nice to have this option in future releases. 
Running KK 4.4.4 on a 2013 Moto X. I've had to disable Active Display because that's what shows as my lockscreen.  When I swipe that, THEN I see AcDisplay's lockscreen--so I'm unlocking my phone twice.  Any way to keep the hands-free features of Active Display enabled while showing only the AcDisplay lockscreen?
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