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Νικόλας Τζημούλης
Praised be the nightmare, which reveals to us that we have the power to create hell.
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Nikolas Tzimoulis


Now that 2012 is gone, I've collected the best photos I shot throughout the year in one album. Enjoy!
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Austria’s race to the right is a lesson to mainstream parties -

Austria is the taboo-breaker in European politics. By coming within a whisker of making Norbert Hofer the first far-right European head of s

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At one level, the recurring Greek crises fit the idea from Karl Marx of history repeating itself, first as tragedy then as farce. Greece cam

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a soundtrack for the exhibition Spanish Masters @ Hermitage Museum Amsterdam. Inspired by the beautiful paintings of this Spanish era. Liste

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The European Commission has put off a contentious decision on imposing financial sanctions on Spain and Portugal for failing to bring their

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The International Monetary Fund is demanding that Europe free Greece from all payments on its bailout loans until 2040, in the opening bid o

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A titanic battle is being waged for Europe’s integrity and soul, with the forces of reason and humanism losing out to growing irrationality,

Citizens For Europe

Debating Europe's Collective Future

IMF tells eurozone to start Greek debt talks -

The International Monetary Fund has told eurozone finance ministers they must immediately begin negotiations to grant debt relief for Greece

«Μας διώκουν για πράγματα που δεν γράφει καν η προκήρυξη»

Μια «ακτινογραφία» των συνθηκών που επικρατούν στα κατ' ευφημισμόν «κέντρα φιλοξενίας προσφύγων» παρουσίασαν αλληλέγγυοι σε συνέντευξη Τύπου

German macro: how it's different and why that matters

This ebook looks at how the macroeconomics of the German political establishment differs from standard western macroeconomics, and what the

Australia's asylum seeker detentions on PNG island ruled illegal

Papua New Guinea's Supreme Court on Tuesday ruled that Australia's practice of detaining asylum seekers on PNG's northern Manus Island was i

Greece, Germany, IMF: Someone Has To Blink – The Short Answer

The Greek bailout saga has entered another one of those tense periods when the whole deal could fall apart. A compromise is needed. But it i

Germany’s AfD party adopts anti-Islamic manifesto -

Germany’s rightwing Alternative für Deutschland party has approved a manifesto that states that “Islam is not part of Germany” and includes

Italy’s top court rules that stealing food is not a crime if you’re poor...

"The right to survival has prevailed over the right to property."

Η ώρα του υπουργού Οικονομικών

ΆΡΘΡΟ ΤΟΥ ΓΙΑΝΗ ΒΑΡΟΥΦΑΚΗ ΣΤΗΝ «ΕΦ.ΣΥΝ.»: Ο όποιος αυτοματισμός μελλοντικών μέτρων (σε περίπτωση υστέρησης εσόδων) είναι χρήσιμος μόνο στον