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The fight between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao will be the most expensive boxing match in UK pay-per-view history.
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This is pretty interesting...Didnt realize that Manny has some advantages too.
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A few patients have made rare and unexpected recoveries leaving doctors scratching their heads, says David Robson. Can these cases provide vital clues for tackling cancer?
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Have him in circles
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This article details how to add user authentication to Node/Express 4 with Passport.js
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_ Much time has passed since AngularJS birth (given the fact how fast front-technologies evolve). Now on the internet, there are a huge amount of posts praising this framework, and the critics are not so many as it deserves. But such posts are slowly beginning to appear, and it pleases me. I hope industry will give up AngularJS, as it gave up MooTools, Prototype, %some new JVM language%, %another-super-modern-technology%. I don’t know why, but in the IT field such revolutionary technologies that raise the noise and then disappear appear quite often. A good developer should be able to distinguish another fancy technology from the running tool. In order to do this it is very important to look at things critically. My post is a compilation of the most important conclusions from other posts and my personal thoughts._
Why you should not use AngularJS ¶ Much time has passed since AngularJS birth (given the fact how fast front-technologi…
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The scene was something that millions of sports fans thought would never happen: Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao, the two best fighters in the world and the sport's two biggest stars, standing face to face at long last to announce the big fight -- one of the biggest ever.
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