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So true, but swap nerds/geeks :/
I would prefer Geek as well.... nerds don't know what they have. Geeks rule the world.
Nerds and geeks are the same thing, for all intents and purposes.
+Alex Scoble lies. Nerds have pocket protectors, silly hair styles, no social life. Geeks have the knowledge and the social lifestyle :D
What happened to Dorks? Us there a good movie on or something?
Dorks are just socially inept people. Nerds/geeks have the skills to pay the billz.
I've understood the term 'dork' to be something akin to a racial slur in some geek circles...
well explain that i detail ? LMAO
DJ Wood
"Most people" peak near the same level they were born at?
Dylan M
so it takes nerds 60 years to reach the same satisfaction level of a 21 year old "most people" dumb....
+Dylan M probably right, it is a bit wrong in that respect, it usually hits that mark about 30 vs 60
Geeks are nerds who look the part. Dweebs look and act the part, but don't have the skillz! :D
Mad Magazine from 1950's defined all of them in most unattractive ways. I think one was defined as "Somebody that smells bicycle seats." There was also a "gizzlegorf" and a "falandramere". My memory is foggy and my spelling is phonetic. I remember the bicycle seat reference clearly though.
boo Jay
How come this feels like a Nike ad?
Kyla M
and Home wreckers?
We don't have that many 60 age nerds to really prove this graph :)
Nerds to me are a product of 80's.
+Sergey Samoylenko I am a 62 year old female geek. An oddity for sure. I took the Edwards Occupational Preference test when I was a freshman in college (1967), the same year it added "computer programmer" as an occupation. That was my highest score.
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