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Oh man. I want to ride this.

Named Insano, here’s the world’s highest water slide in the beach park of Brazil. 41 meters height or 14 storeyed building, it is a very thrilling experience to slide from that height in the water track at 105 Kilometers/ hour speed.
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They would have had to push me off.
I would peffer sitting quietly at the end of it and see bikini dysfunctions... LOL
I've done a steep one like that, and the hardest part is letting go. The ride down is really quite easy, as is the first bit of leveling out. Its not near as bad as what you experience in a vert rollar coaster drop. Its not till you slow down, and your back is skidding on the water, that it feels a bit painful.
I would NEVER be able to do that!
You'd have to pay me an insane amount of money to try that. eek.
Oh, gotta find out what city it is in...after all, I'm already in Brazil...hehehe.
I wish i was there >.> :OO Imagine you accidentaly fall out
Inny Ma
that equals nothing more but a major wedgie
105KPH is one hell of a bathing suit wedgie!
thats nothin in comparison to my minecraft water slide..... jk. tho i do have a design for a real world slide based upon the hyperbolic paraboloid, hyperparaboloid for short. its basicly 2 slides entwined around each other. 2 people could launch at the same time and they would spin around another all the way to the bottom. variations can be included as a physics fun factor. you could even slide upward. vertigo to b expected.
Love to take the ride down filming it with the GoPro cam helmet.
dang... if I ever rode that, u would see me on it a lot!
wouldn't bikinis get blown away riding this? I want to go see.
I Can see myself going down and in the process pissing my pants
You can take my turn on that heart attack ride :)
i really wanna go on this wow kl
ooh, this would be fun. Memo to self: Bring tranquilizer gun.
scary with a capital S
And it only takes two days to remove the atomic wedgie. Priceless!!
Rames P
real Hang-out!.. I was in a similar ride once in India.. but this one is jumbo!
That's awesome. I've been there so many times! And I have seen many people reach the top, start crying and get down immediately haha
They probably have it engineered to take care of accidents like that.
would definitely leave some skid marks on your shorts
brilliant, insane but brilliant.
damn i would have a heartatack before i hit the bottom
lol I would love to get on that
Whoa! That's Crazy steep!
You won't ever catch me on there.
This can't be right? That's almost 90 degree up-right drop.
how do you stop? drop you into a deep pool? You wouldn't be able to scream so that you would have enough breath at the end.
Holy S#$%!! That's Nuts!! Wonder if you would have any left??
I bet that results in a killer wedgie!
Looks like a lot of fun, but I think I'll pass. Don't think that wedgie would be very healthy. lol But certainly named appropiately for the wedgie you receive riding it. Insano. lol
OMG!!!!that would seriously kill me!!i canot loose my breath for that long!!
holy hell that is one wicked looking ride
Leo T
Aw hell naw! D:
Hands are sweating, that it's a "suicide" ride!
wait, have I missed something here?
How is he immature?
I'm already puking just looking at it!
woow ill be very scared to get on this ride
They would spend ages cleaning up the slide if I went down it!!lol
Im not sure how to respond to this besides WOW.
holy crap! is does that slide lead to that sacrificial volcano in the backround? Virgins Beware!
I would so ride this like 10 times !!! AWESOME! Wet N' Wild in Orlando, FL needs to step their game up! Get on that!
looks scary... but seems fun
Den Ele
20 yrs ago maybe!! not a hope in hell of even getting up there now!!
i want ot try it so badly
I'm totally with you there Den Ele! No chance
nothing says "leave me alone" like "doodoo butter in my pa-ants"
If you're passing through Florida, Blizzard Beach at Disney has one that's only a few feet shorter....but be prepared to spend the rest of the day digging your shorts out of your crack :D
I want too!!!
I've already ridden a water slide like that, but it's 30 metres high. It is as well in Brazil, but in Pernambuco State, in Northeastern Brazil.
It was fantastic!
These things are fun but they give you such a colossal wedgie!
omg is that safe! it is super steep! Almost completely vertical!
I'm scared just looking at it........
Sounds like scrambled testicles to me!
Summit Plummet in Disney is pretty close and is the previous record holder at 36.6m and 97km/h
that looks fun and scary at the same time
HOLY CRAP! I dont like waterslides that are straight down, even with little height.. That.. I would DIE from a panic attack..
No fricken way!!!!! and I dont mean fricken
Ill get on that slide, Naked.
yay! i wanna go on dat death ride!
OMG!!!! I would totally want to ride that :)
It looks like a lot of fun, but I don't think I would have the guts... Maybe back when I was in my 20s... ;)
you might get a thrill as close to that of one when when sky diving...well, at least for a single moment i think
... and do they offer you a clean change of swimming gear at the bottom of the slide? :-D
That is not "sliding." That is "falling."
thats true and i wan a ride it
not so scary... did you heard about that french guy who climbs skyscraper without a secure rope... that, is scary!
i would die of laughter
and don't even get me started on how bad the wedgie would be!
all and all, going down this would both be awesome and would suck ass.
that reminds me of action park, i don't remember if it was that tall though lol
ive been on one just like that except it was 100 feet tall
I would have an atomic swimsuit wedgie by the time I was done. I don't care. I would go back for another.
Wouldn't be much of a trip; I'd be passed out before I got halfway down LOL!
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Wow its the same as the one in my back garden.
Gee whiz! That's so high and steep! You might as well just go into free fall with someone spraying water at you with a hose. lol
OMG. I agree with Emma Geon on this 1. WAY scary.
when i went to germany there was one just like this and trust me the are gnarly
I went there ! the biggest one just could be in my country, Brazil!
It looks truly awesome until you think of all that water rushing into orifices... then, no.
I rode it 4 times in a row. Never been so scared in my life, but was really a thrill. If I was not in a group, I wouldn't have done it :) Fortaleza is a great city. Nice food, nice beach, beautiful place.
that would AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How many feet tall is that slide? I would totally go down it but not without screaming at the top of my lungs!
I would luv to go down that cool:)
Dangerous ride i have ever seen is this safe....
Bina Y.
AHHH! thats scarryyy....
it seems as though it would RIP your back off!
WOW that looks scary very scary
im afraid of heights..... but that is cool !
Oh man that looks like fun! Imagine the possible wedgie though...oooh!
Good thing it is in the Water, I would be wee'in in my shorts all the way down, possibly even before that! (sshhh)
how could anybody do that?! but at seven peaks i can do the yellow, really steep one, but that one, i don't think so!!!! :(
I dont kno what to do!! I <3 water slides but I hate hights!!!
I think I would die of fear...
it interesting!!!!! i wana try it......

I bet the wedgie from that comes out through your mouth 
E Lootz
Holy Ishtar Batman!
Ok so all I need is a plane ticket and some swim shorts? I'm going
wow thats big!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
omg i want to be there soooooooooooooooo much
guess you have never been to Wisconsin Dells.
If you slide your not going to slide all the way down you probably going to go flying

I'm positive I have the lung capacity to scream ALL the way down that dang thing!
I'd like to see pix of the "landing" and/or close-ups of riders' expressions of joy, glee, terror. What a thrill!
Wow now I want to go to Brazil and go on the Insano!!!!!!:)
WHOA!....I don't think so!
What a Rush!
I think they named it correctly! Not for me
This should be called " The ULTRA wedgie slide"
WOAH I SO WUD DO THT!!! but i would be screaming the whole time and like my butt would hurt. yah is this safe???
holy cheese that is high and AWESOME!
105 k/m; holy **; people use to think going that fast would kill you X'D
i think the water would turn brown if i went down that water slide!!!
DUDE THATS NARLEY!!! clear throat cough* Excuse me, where did that come from?! That would be a magnificent experience.
Heng Su
I do like this!
Its like wedgie-zilla was turned into a slide
I used to be a lifeguard at a waterpark ... Venom Drop at Six Flags was one of higher slides at the time, I think. Just remember if you're wearing a bikini to hold on to your top!
haha it's located in my hometown. And yes, it IS awesome!
So how many people lose their clothes on this daily?
You couldn't pay me to ride that thing!!! ;)
the most fuel efficient way to get from point a to point b
hhahahahhahahahhahah that ride is so kewl give me the addressss im on my way!!!!
I would ride that for sure!
Im scared of heights but for some strange reason I want to try
That couldnt be me lol ..... but it look like fun
I WANT ONE. I could put it in my backyard right?
Won Pa
Omg looks so freaking fun more details did anybody go yet wanna gotta know 
What happens when you pee out of fright? Does it travel at 105km/h too?
If I did that slide, there would be a brown streak going down the slide after I went.
wow thats jiant lol thata what she said
that would be my dream to ride that
How do you not fall out of it? (I know that they're engineered so you don't, but still, that's all I would be thinking about on the way down)
Too scary for this Aussie sheila.
Curious about what happens at the end of the slide...
Do you have to walk up 14 stories of stairs? 
Hazel W
Horrors! No way!
I would totally do this! Looks like a lot of fun!
If you try to sit up you would tumble over and get killed. No thanks.
iv got one leg and id give it a go.. wondering if anyone has been killed on this if not im there wahoo 
It sounds like fun but i dont know if I'll make it down a live!
I think the picture is not showing some of the detail... the water is crystal clear at the top and turns a dull yellow near the bottom :)
High speed wedgie! imagine. Probably no waiting.
Now flood have take over 20 state in nigerian
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