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You got that right.
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Totally agree on this.
This was written by a woman, men could never figure it out on their own.
And cause we're dumb ass we then say "No somethings wrong tell me I may be able to help" Followed by a 30 minute critique of how you leave the seat up chew your toenails etc etc etc
Good one. I also like:

"The importance of the tone is inversely related to the man's ability to hear it"
This is so very very true....
you know it my girl does it all the time
Women don't have grumpy weeks just men that have no idea........... :-)
I'm fascinated by the fact that women in this thread seems to think this is a good thing. You should all be ashamed of this behavior not see it as a good or proper way of acting!
+Niffe Hermansson I am certain that this is a generalization. Your response is as if it holds true of all women. The women who responded in this thread are confident enough to take it for what it is: a generalization. To be offended is to admit acceptance of this characterization, however. Women can go on about the theorized mishaps of men but we choose not to because it isn't very lady-like.
That will teach you not to ask any question that you don't want an answer to! Personally, I hate to be asked, "What's wrong?" Much prefer silence rather than a question that even I may not have an answer for! Let's face it, sometimes you just need to be left alone.
+Aidy P., first of all I want to apologize for sounding so aggressive, that was of course not the point, I do see the humor in this!

Still, the original post is of course a huge generalization, but one with comedic value based on it's truth and insight (As well of it's succinct verbalization), right?

What flabbergasted me was the fact that some women seem to think that this does applied to them, and that this was a good thing, my point is: It is not, it is a horrible way of communication!

Further more; I do not want to be polemic here, and I do agree with you on that it is important to laugh at the idiosyncrasies of groups to which you belong, but "Women can go on about the theorized mishaps of men but we choose not to". Really? You don't? Women never joke about the generalized flaws of men? Sister, please!

Edit: +Shawna Mac luckily shows both my point in one neat little comment.
Wow, I have the same thing tatooed on my arm. (male, short attention span)
+Niffe Hermansson Awesome. I enjoyed your clarification immensely. Of course you understood it to be as humor. My response to "Women never joke about the generalized flaws of men? Sister, please!
!" Touché.
Matthew Herr this is about relationships between men and women not quantum physics. Oh wait your right relationships with women do require math and the cell #'s for NASA.
You probably the reason we,er upset and we just don't want to tell you your a dick! Just apologize for being an A hole and we can have sex and make up.
You know you're in trouble before you ask the question. The question is just the gauage.
The equation is simply....1+1=2...or 0+1= 1... your
It's how you ask too. Say it like you care!
Maybe a couple Scott...No hate..All in fun...:)
Yes i agree..An abused and beaten down woman that made a bad choice just to survive the best way she knew how...does deserve peace..thank you for seeing that...sorry i've been holding that in for a week...:)
I agree Scott..Support systems are good if you use them properly!
Yes it is Scott..I'm living it with my child..Julian you should follow the conversation or express your comment as per the previous conversation...sorry this is a serious topic for me.
Again i agree, but fear is an evil creature,and men are generally the stronger force..When in fear many regress instead of progress.
Personally i like the super glue stories i've heard best! Never brave enough to try them though..I would feel too guilty...LOL
She has chosen the path of destruction on her own...She had a great support system, but chose to destroy it...Now it's tough love and she needs to figure it out on her own, that is the only way she can get better...Thank you very much for the kind words. I appreciate it.
That's great to hear Scott. Again i thank you for your kindness. People like you make the world a better place to exist in...:)
I think I understand your situation and what your conversation has been with Scott Delaney. (don't even know how to use this site cos I just joined and don't know what the hell I'm doing but I hope u get this without sharing) First of all, GENDER HAS NO WEAKNESS OR SUPERIORITY, ITS AND EQUAL PARTNERSHIP. But please read between the lines of what Scot said, U can't laugh or joke about something and then get serious . and then say you belong to some sort of religious group hmm Take Care
80+ comments and no one has noticed that it's not actually inverse proportion but rather direct proportion! The greater the speed at which the woman says it, the greater the shitstorm..
I'm guessing all people ITT are American, but that would be a generalization, unlike the original, neutral post :/
Ohhh yes and if they say what makes you think anything is wrong you know its going to be even worse..
I have spent plenty of time in the eye of many storms lol
Do not collaborate in poor communication. Answer the question or ask again. Do not say or accept 'nothing' when there's clearly 'something'. Refuse childish behaviour and communicate like adults.
Ok so explain... Quick answer means small shit storm? And delayed answer means RUN?
some say that no one can ever understand a woman but i say that if a person knows the antonym of each and every word then maybe one can understand them...:-)
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