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+Armando Ferreira, did you ever do a piece on the Lumia series of phones? Or is the market too small to matter?

I'm wondering since I'm considering a couple of years old Lumia 930 (which is supposed to be W10 compatible), and has the 20Mpix camera...

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I guess calling ISIS members "goatfuckers" isn't slander or slur anymore, but an earned title... o_O

So, I'm pretty sure someone has gone through this before me (no, I don't believe in the phrase "I can't be the only one that..." :) )

I need a launcher for Android.

A launcher that has the following traits:
* It's for kids, so the interface is very simple
* It's supposed to be managed by a tech-savvy daddy, so the management interface has all the bells and whistles
* It must allow filtered incoming phonecalls! (I want to be able to call, but I don't want Joe Random to call).
* It must allow filtered (preset numbers) outgoing calls

The first two seem simple enough to find, but the latter two nigh impossible....

So, dear internet - do I have a snowball's chance in Hell - or is there hope ? :)

Note to self: In OpenIndiana Hipster, create /..../root/etc/sysding.conf after zoneadm install, but before zoneadm boot.

Otherwise the zone will be smelly.


In other words - I got SCIM and Chinese input working in Ubuntu Gnome 15.10. And, it was less of a challenge than getting IBUS working in the same OS (as in - I didn't get that to work!)

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Í tilefni af „degi internetöryggis 2016“ bættum við 2 GB af ókeypis Drive geymslurými við Google reikninginn þinn vegna þess að þú laukst við öryggisskoðunina.

Do your safety checkup on and get 2 more gigazbytes on google drive.

Today Google made me a dregree to the north happier than usual - they have finally enabled YouTube for "Google Apps" domains. Wo-hooo!

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Þór Sigurðsson commented on a post on Blogger.
Well thank you so very very much for not supporting my Windows Server 2008 under the pretense that it has the same support level as Windows Vista, and thus forcing me to use IE. If you'd at least honor the same support time-frame as the OS's vendor for each particular OS, that'd be great!
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