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Your profile is preapproved for the custom URL:ØyvindVågenJægtnes

Oh thanks so much Google, I really want an URL that only Norwegians (and maybe Danes) can type!


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This is wrong on so many levels.
I'm not even sure where to begin.

Jesus would approve?
I don't think so!

If you are an american citisen, there is contact information for the judge etc in the first comment.


So, I've had it with #feedly  
It started out promising, but the more I use it, the more I start to loathe it.
When I open it, it has a 50/50 chance of needing a re-login/displaying all the "help".
It always re-downloads my feeds and I can't use it off line.
Often it just won't connect.
It's started displaying full screen articles randomly.

Does anyone have any recommendations for alternatives?
It needs to work on android and linux (firefox or chrome).
The interface should be a list like old Reader with fragments for android for details that work fine on tablet and phone.

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I can spend hours at this site :)


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Is this thing working or a lot of hot air and marketing?
It seem to be working for linux, they even claim to ship drivers(?) for linux on the CD.. Wonder how that would work in arch linux.

I have the N66U Dark Knight open source router so I'm tempted to test these.

#wireless   #linux   #arch

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<3 Hubble

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The feeling when you have a bug, find an old thread about it from 2011 and thinking this ain't fixed, seeing it is still active, finding that the patch for the driver was posted to LKML yesterday :D

I almost became

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Kerbinrise from Munar orbit!
The Kermans are ready to undock and land on the moon before returning to the main engine and going home  to Kerbin.

#ksp   #kerbal   #kerbinrise  

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You could have fooled me saying this was a desert on earth :)
Strange to see little rocks on another planet.
#curiosity   #mars  
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