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Ja, hun har blåst i en fløyte før... if you know what I mean
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Øyvind A. Holm

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It doesn't get much more classy than this.
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Øyvind A. Holm

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Okay, NSA, that's it. No Internet for you until you can behave like decent people.
How the NSA Plans to Infect 'Millions' of Computers with Malware via The Intercept
The NSA is dramatically expanding its ability to covertly deploy malware on a mass scale.
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Øyvind A. Holm

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Inspiring interview with José Mujica, president of Uruguay. This is a man I deeply respect, he seems to be a man of true integrity. If only all world leaders could be this humble and unaffected by "status".
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Øyvind A. Holm

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This is a tech-savvy pelican filming his first flight. Love how he seems to flap his wings to the rhythm of the music.
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Øyvind A. Holm

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What new and very exciting discoveries can the James Webb Space Telescope bring us? Watch this video, and you will also look forward to the scheduled launch in 2018.
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Øyvind A. Holm

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After 40 years, the UNIX philosophy still lives on and *NIX-like systems are more widespread than ever before. Now that's what I call good design.
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One of the most interesting things to follow Unix was Plan 9. It made the file system, IO, and network completely equivalent. And the file system had a 'back up' built into it that was genius. QNX and Neutrino copied some of the networking concepts nearly directly if not directly. Plan 9 spawned Inferno, which carried the concepts to a machine independent platform, arguably better than Java.
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Øyvind A. Holm

commented on a video on YouTube.
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So it is possible to destroy a GoPro camera. You'll need a cannon, though.
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+TehFigis you clearly haven't watched the video where a GoPro falls off a plane and lands intact, on a pig pen.
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This "science" thing seems to actually work.
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Way to go. Being dead is no excuse for sneaking on the train.
How to deal with ghosts 😉
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Øyvind A. Holm

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This is really something! I have wanted a file system like this for years, where files are organized using tags instead of a unchangeable directory structure.
git-annex has grown some really interesting functionality the last three years. The newest version released 2014-02-21 contains among other things support for metadata, leading to some very exciting features. This video demonstrates something resembling a non-hierarchical file system. "git annex view" is able to display the file system as dynamic directory structures using metadata and tags.
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Being exposed to differing views is how we grow intellectually. When Google+ and Facebook only include search results they think we'll agree with, we lose that potential source of wisdom.
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Norwegian Free/Open Source guy, sysadmin (Linux), musician now and then, photo enthusiast, skeptic and defender of free speech.
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