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Computer geek, photographer wannabe

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Some days are good, others less so, but at the end of the day a good sunset makes even a crappy day better!

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No bloody moon here!

Nope, I just plainly refuse to give in to the current fad of plastering red supermoons all over the interwebs!! (And it has almost nothing to do with the fact that the sky was completely overcast this morning... promise!)

I instead share this bloody sliver of setting sun, which is soo much more original and unique, right!? (Yes, I'm a teeny bit sleep deprived at the moment, it makes me silly, I know)

This sliver of sun is from the amazingly beautiful Crete town of Chania. I spent a week of sun and plenty of doing nothing some time ago. Tonic for the mind and soul!


#hqsplandscape +HQSP Landscape curated by +Leo Schubert +David D +Mike Hankey +Peter Marbaise +Hans-Juergen Werner +Shannan Crow

#chania   #greece   #seascapephotography   #lighthouse   #landscape  

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Approach no more

Runway 06 at ESCN, Tullinge airport. Tullinge closed for good 2004, mainly due to political reasons.
I landed on this exact runway a couple of times when schooling for my ultra-light pilot license. It looked pretty much the same, except for the houses at the end of the runway, of course... Once they ripped the tarmac off part of the runways and put a few houses there they seem to have lost interest in much further development of the area. Mission accomplished, one airport gone, next! (Do I sound bitter? Nah, why should they not close an airport lying in a sparsely populated part of Stockholm that has been there since 1945, and then continue to kick out general aviation from rest of the capitol as well? Who needs airports anyway?) 

Today the only planes flying here are RC-model planes and copters (it is the home field for Tullinge Modellflygklubb).

Image taken with a Phantom 3 Pro from a height of 41 meters. I'm really impressed by the image quality of such a small camera. It films in 4K as well with really good result. It is a blast to fly too!

I have dithered the last few months to weather I should get the new Sony A7RII camera just released, or hold out for the next version of my trusty A99 (if there ever be one, that is).

Living by the motto of When in doubt, buy new gadgets, I instead opted for the flying camera platform, DJI Phantom 3. It is for sure a different angle to photography, very much in hype at the moment.

#phantom3   #aerialphotography  

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I blinked, was that the summer?

Summer this year must have taken a wrong turn somewhere. It sure have not found its way up to our northern latitudes.

This day we decided to do a little road trip, whatever weather, to the small town of Mariefred. I have a soft spot for the place. The beautiful castle Gripsholm is my absolute favorite, it's superbly photogenic.

Between heavy showers we managed to catch some sunshine, and yes, while I usually say that "nice" weather are not good for photography, it has been enough interesting skies lately to last me a lifetime!

The castle has a long history and it is one of those places where you can feel the weight of all the years this buildings have seen.

The first castle was built at this location in the late 1300's, but was completely rebuilt in early 16th century and has been added to and repaired up into late 19th century.

Pro tip for photography at the castle: don't forget your wide angle lens! It's not obvious in this picture, but the court yards are quite small, and getting the high towers into the frame with a 50 mm lens is just not possible! Well, six individual images and some Photoshop pano-stitching and you would think I actually had my 24 mm wide with me. That is an hour of post processing time I could have spent on something more useful, or maybe not, I'm on vacation after all.

Hope you all have a wonderful summer, if there is one around this year that is...

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I met this new friend in my backyard. We hanged out for a while, and the pleasure was all mine indeed! :)

He/she looked a bit bummed at first when I showed up, but seemed to realize that I wasn't a threat and happily continued to munch on worms and beetles (I guess it was, it crunched when chewed at least)

I guess "cuddly" is not really applicable to this one, but it is really cute so it goes in with the other cuddlies (and cats).

It made the most interesting sounds whenever it decided we came a bit too close, but resumed it's business when we backed off with just a glance at us now and then to make sure we behaved. Amazing creature!

They seem to like being around my house. I had to rescue one last summer that decided that a sack of fertilizer I had lying around was a good place to hide. It didn't care much for my treatment of it (sheesh, being carried by a bloke with thick gloves). I just didn't think that sleeping on top of a pile of chemicals was the best for it's health.

#hqspanimals  +HQSP Animals curated by +Alejandro J. Soto +*** +Andy Smith

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This is really impressive photography! #mindblown  

Super highres 360 panoramas from inside the Son Doong caves, Vietnam. I really liked the interactive, story-like presentation.

Have a look, and make sure you do it full screen!

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A slice of time

Most of my energy lately have gone into, er... many other things than photography unfortunately. What little time I have spent on it has mostly been used to try to master time lapse photography.

It is a process that fascinates me hugely, and something I really would like to be able to do well. I never been much interested in videography done in the "normal" way with a video camera.

Time lapse on the other hand I believe add another dimension to photography that I find very interesting.

I am sharing this as a link to YouTube since g+ seem to limit uploaded videos to 1080p . The whole point of these videos (to me at least) is the immersive quality that ultra HD gives the footage, so make sure to watch it at 4K and full screen! :)

Hope you like it, and feel free to add any feedback.

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Giving the new g+ collections a try, I thought as quite a few of my later posts are of the #caturday  kind I'd set up a collection of furry and cuddly stuff.

I believe it is possible to subscribe/unsubscribe from individual collections, so if anyone should find all this cuddly stuff boring and mundane, you can safely do so with this one. All my cityscape/landscape (i.e, sunsets and city hall extravaganzas) will go into either my main flow or separate collections.

This being my first post to a collection I really have no idea how this works. I hope I can go back and add my older posts to the proper collection without spamming my stream with old stuff... I will do some experimenting with that.


#hqspanimals  +HQSP Animals curated by +Alejandro J. Soto +Andy Smith

#btpanimalpro   #lemur   #animals   #cuddlies

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I like

These days I find my that my browsing of g+ has become an endless scroll of "the same old stuff...". In my morning routine I usually scroll by a few pages of posts just to see if anything interesting pops out.

This one from +Stephen Candler  sure did! Beautiful execution and superb post processing, whats not to like?!

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Kind of like watching paint dry.,.

Having just missed a spectacular setting sun (story of my life) I set out to try my hand at yet another time lapse.
While the weather has improved steadily the latest weeks, I can tell you that standing still for two hours while my camera chugs along was freezing!

I just hope it turn out better than my last attempt, with 2500 blurry images down the drain... At least I'm out shooting again!

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