I've been doing a little bit of experimentation with GO, I even did proxy that simulates slow connections:

Here is my latest piece of experimentation, using channels as a way of getting information back from C. It seems to work, now I just have to experiment more with it.

package main
import "fmt"

extern void go_callback_int(void* icp, int i);

static inline void myprint(void* ic) {
        int j;
        for(j=0; j < 3; j++) {
            go_callback_int(ic, j);
import "C"

import "unsafe"

//export go_callback_int
func go_callback_int(icp unsafe.Pointer, i C.int) {
    ic := *(*chan int)(icp)
    ic <- (int)(i)

func main() {
    ic := make(chan int)
    go C.myprint(unsafe.Pointer(&ic))
    for {
        select {
            case i := <-ic:

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