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for the language so loves the thought that a not was brought to audit sought intent exhaustively apposed such that a good no might yes best.
for the language so loves the thought that a not was brought to audit sought intent exhaustively apposed such that a good no might yes best.

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stop me if youve heard this...
reader... hey, you out there?

( highlights: (if you must dentist ...)
float like a butterfly, sting like a high school
teacher watching sex miss the point
and parental hushed pushes of titties in the
windows to his sole via policed wobbly bits.
make jails, if any, be the enforcers of time limits
propped up by google play services air force
mousers warranty conditions providing operable
discovery to inkjet printers per advertised glossy
photo quality press stock for contracted life span -
either the epson inks page legibly honored
for span of warranty guaranteed purchaser
at any licensed retailer, or the warranty
be void, though more experimentally a claim
to contract clause oklahoman could free the
press to inks everlasting, discounting reams.
the jails could thereby copy out every spammed
missive, whether usa today classified, .ical
.rss, (ask LSCOLORS and/or XOPEN) standard
format syndicator public notice means possible
constitutionally guaranteed to each there denied
counsel - like best interests could be bought.

i figure the press frees the pressed or the executive branch private industry jails buy the ink they copy to pages rendering post. if the confusion of delineations post office from internet look to check balances: fcc officiates that because the port 80 http protocol is represented "in majority" by screens via "web browsers" same "internet" - as other administrations ordered executively basic
to human nature - cannot qualify as "communication" but as "wtf"? if jails have to print the emails brought to captives. and iana could drop a domain guarantor if named imprisoned could thus not access his/her red phone.

so the jailors really pay for the security and "mental health" of their commercially constrained to "limited liability" by ministry sold "fictitious" names or the private industry of war on hostelry goes the way of the chicago fire.

do you think i might get a rat infested beauracracy named after me, like "fc, what was that first command again?" right. food stamps. dup() ! let cd

we could spiral that into a little nemo sized nautilus gladius impossibilty of jet stream proportions, but everyone knows its windy.

just eat your wheaties. is everywere?!?

so it follows that immovable or not, one or the other
contends not and resolute tincture derives of simple
joins. the jails run out of ink to more regard their
admissions, and/or the bars fold out a great many
cocounsels blue in the face with the legally standing
everlasting validity (not ex post facto) of any bar
member mistaking free press for squid ink and privatised dirty underwears of "arbitration" publicly interesting enough to deep throat any attempt to keep wrapped.

allow me to plaguirize me@

s///2w here/now
#^officially the oh snap best shit of earth;l

for we hold these truths to be self-evident:

1. a printer prints.
a. press is free, per warranty
b. inks or dyes or coal laser etched powders,
as befits the printer warrantied, do not run dry.
(ask a tattoo artist... theyll happily scribe again
the ink that dont stand up)
2. either the printer warrantied prints visibly,
in keeping with promises of dots per inch
and resolute bottomless t-shirt cannon
worthy contrasts, or...
a. the warrantor refills the well.
3. for no money down and at pennies on the dollar
we can riskily guarantee this at no hazard to
ourselves, nor our personal effects, properties,
residuals and aught else, because ...
a. soldiers water-buffaloed, as i understand, fined
fees exorbitant and caustic to their "unlawfully"
(quotes general) searched and seized persons
are not noticed.
b. legal notice comes by post; impress.
(look. the google plus dons the classified
LEGAL NOTICE back paged warrant
reports for LOST AND FOUND probate
and intellectual property private eye
sneak aways without a trick or treat;
should not same modes qualify
respondent motions?
the accused warrants no arrest
failing due process of law, signed,
witnessed message (not rex post facto)
nor according secret "arbiters" sans
public redress to precedentally bearing
soap boxes)
so, if the daily times, local press, us postal service,
periodontist bulk mailers return addressed to
extrastatutory locales, and a little bird might
lay down a presidential fire side chat all to
legal effect, then those withheld by jailers
commercial for months and more cruising cots
not privy to any aforementioned means are thus

constitutionally deprived, and not certainly by their
own depravity... except that i havent heard this, not
character limited and buttressed to fears perhaps
not unallied, but fully independent to specials bibled,
furtive vertical bars and ...

anyway, supremely guaranteed orders of magnitude, hardly restrictive in any sense,
forfend defenseless from titles defendant.

to the prisoners kept waiting for word, give them
obama phones. legacies ridiculous, yeah? if they be
offered counsel as an advertised permissive public
grant, and the same does not award these access to any notice might come their way otherwise
"admissable" to offend them.

the jailed get papers, tv, and no mail.
some of these. i received almost none of the
former, blearily myopic intermittent occasion
to the tlc and fx conairs raising arizona sweet d.
the mail carriers attend overtime wages of sinfully
locally constrained accounting thereof. federal employees take overtime federally assigned...
pay from washington matches virginian... but mcdonalds and make a wish foundations? do the contracts secret serviced and h&r blocked tax havens extend to any more locally zoned?

are there suit avenues for righteous, just, teed-off
fuck em all but vi and emacs freedom soled stompers?

in jail? while my electricity bills psycho logiced undelivered from fucking indiana the overdue cutoffs an expired "fictitious" name on its face representing privacy invasion for family home inspections guerrilla contraindicated not even lit at night because freeways of highway power fed atlantic city and casinos indian separatist keep the candle powers at high beam 100 days a week, if you ask a ps...?

is that impressively depressing? where the fuck is 20<<2?

lucille ball toed sour grapes like a showman. acquinas argued a clueless god beside towering effigies of graven imagery, or seasonally, a roll in the virgin manger hay, and pinko commies want to sneak away with your happy freedom rights of preferentially sexed segregations.

man up, bitches. the dogs shivering the cold... guarding the homes burning down in a whispered about arsonist serial attack among those within lit at night by diehard batteries stacked at gasoline generators rope fed outback to pullchains not carbuoreted... fearfully vigilant... the blushing brides nightside wide-eyed for their zombie apocalypse groomed husband tolling 1001 arabian nights like sony could dr dre your ear drums out at any second...

on maple street, bartlesville, oklahoma. half a year after i, hounded by psychotics litigious, liberally restrictive, and bravely parading a child beyond specious borders "mom" unspecifically ruined a damned good "dad," too, in less than forty eight hours notice by new illegal kidnapper attorney over voicemails maybe answered unexpectedly by respondent caring just what in the fuck any stranger had to say about the missing of three pieces always the least difficult in a "coparenting" triangle hell bent on "uncooperation" toward, by my say, fully indebted by difficulty degrees well rested heads of nasty nights terror stricken with wonder at the fear of boogers over bougeouis when men in tight places trundle bed other sick and dead conspiracies while i said: "hey. im michael holmes hodgin, youve got the wrong name on that psycho excuse for a discovery, and i want to know just what the fuck you think a gun or out of date legal wrangling has anything to do with my response" to the tune of 5 pages bulleted, delivered in notice and apparition, and slept not a whit in less time than my ex partee judicial appointee cared to whiteout.

i dont like those records. i earned them. and the fire came, too. but, if a bj has anything to say about it, i didnt start it.

at safety standdown we applauded when the ear candle naysayer was five minutes under his allotted forty-five of captive studio military sand baggers.

maybe im from the gaza strip, if a lizard would get all naked for me. maybe black white indiasiatic syncreticity isnt all that specially casted after all.

think about it like this:
as god, you say, boy. get over here. take one for the team. ive repented like a hundred times about this. first i threw em in the pool because i thought a little drunk favorite could have waved his meat about a bit less...
then i sent them packing big rocks of little ones to make damned sure those pharoahs stayed down.
then i showed them the hole in the bottom of the see what i mean? heresy, that.
then i salted their fields on the way out... little buggers licked the dirt... most.
then i then i then i

boy, go tell them to quit hurting for money/law/fuck it.

six:two hundred years later.

hey, jacob again? oh. mohammed. yeah, ive got an angle on you. tell everybody jesus was right, but so are you. meanwhile, if youve gotta fight and have your virgin olive oils all season or whatever, preemptively condition that you regard conscientious objects. orphans, widows, ascete and obscure make precious. these have to pick up your slack, stupid, if your fights find you convicted. you could just mosey on out of here... but see where that got him?

thanks gibreel. wanna rassle?

yeah, for old times sake. in tarjarbinks or something.

float like a butterfly sting like it could kill you.

the problem there isnt the skirt on the shithouse sign... its that maddox is better than your kids diapers in the street - artistic expression, right? - and that i was confused more about why a computing process would shift its gonads than why a frog might. (its worth it... find out what i mean... get the better of me. just "household misspelled number" it) im fucking everywhere. ive been doing this for -~35 years of holistic intervention with idiots abroad all tucking into the shit sandwiches of compromisory expa

network again? i tried the windows... just kept selling me bitches... mans best friend.

fn() HOME=$* return 0$#

HOME= command eval \
fn fuck me||
!<~ fn fx *
then ! set +$- kill --

^^^^^^^^^^^help me

delivered dubious.

some postman is reading all our love letters. some postman is gonna cry, sang the presidents of the united states of america. ii
POTUSAii was the second album of a ten years reunited troupe that sang of peaches from a factory in a can and twenties between the sheets and love everybody with cheap wine, spray on hair and cardboard alley sallies. zero friction...

off in three...
awaiting arraignment (what does that mean?)

and that is institutionally reserved power to people.

and press.

which recalls prior momentum...

^i wrote it up, not down, but some remnants miss little...

per paralegals, supralegals, supremely
legals, and all those others fines upstanding.
(or by appearance, but tell that to the dire
magistrate and the clerks calculator by
the purell, and just you try to do so from
within solitary confinement forgiving the
expired dolly madison cookies their dates
in pencil sharpened by enamel slicked brick
rubs; either way, the communication
sharpens like a grenade)
c. anybody

credits: destiny, serenity, jewel, attys mise cochran

check your tw2002 doors for royalties.

i just started drawing. mommy, why does my back hurt? spinal meningitis?

actually: pain, misery, curiosity, talent, ability

so fuck you.
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see that mustard tree
sew this seed...
how much of that trunk
is in this indeed?
is the tree mostly here
within my hand...
an outward bastion
of this tiny seed?
how much of tree is seed and how much what it eats?

licensed poetic...
nurture verses nature
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doesnt it look like the two angels are protecting the child while it spanks a doll?
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if now and how

the reductionary principle beggars question
claimed some mathematicians at least as funny
as lamb, do function.
my gyros
they charted a universal precausal special math proof
to state as matter of fact that state matters facts.

if yes, when no, do know i told you so they told themselves...
wait... strike that... reverse it.
who made whom?

they said, at some point, there was no point...
recall, this was an age of language so severe
both as conclusively dear to the hearts of learned
and progressively as conjunctive to earned
mustard gas badges from them as swore to do no harm...
that the math broke down to brand new clues
chars appearing out of thin air!
formulae specious to arts departments
for each of their bachelored sciences...
that the same expansively genius types which tried
to call the stops their shots
if so much they heard was whose word was it anyway...
they might as well say...

in every point of every point is every point to me.
look, all, i guess it be all greek to me if i need a machine to tell
just who is the straw man here, anyway?

do i need to sing a lullaby?
id like to.
can i interest you in big bangs?
you might confuse the dead man switch with
the curious few actually trying to sort out
why a project manhattan could worry us
that we could accidentally destroy all of you
but we have got nothing better to do...
so pop goes the chance at a better earth, two...
or maybe ...
we could be wrong,
but if we are,
i told you so.
but on the other hand...

predestiny there was no soul food.
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the easy math:
given a single fifty,
find one fifty.
thats a three hundred percent increase!
and a thrice overstepped bound on the word percent!

the great big bang...
there can be only one.
-7 -6 -5 -4 -3 -2 -1+ 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
zero zeros!

at some point there was no point.

echo $((08)) != 8, dammit!
the leading zero is not null!
this isnt dc!
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here is the proof of police coming up on some guy walking around that they might smash his head into a car door and rob his wallet, keys, and internationally established identity.

on march 4 2017 i met the disreputable zachary moore, and while in jail for bills attainder i didnt renew the name in time to avoid the necessity for adopting this elocshimd accout meanwhile a year passed while mikeserv is not yet fully restored to me.

do you see what history is made of?

who am i?
what is this excuse for underhanded dealings?
did the guy in the us marshal decaled sports wagon really cover his badge with his hand the other day and when i pointed a camera his way following explicit request to do this?


attached find screenshots scrunched because what used to be a toolset for such tasks years developed and curried by me in a home i owned for appreciable highway appeal is now accessible here in the georgian arms apartments, bartlesville, oklahoma only via a handheld battery D.A.R.E. defiant controlled dangerous substance.

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here is the
result as rendered to me.

note none of the the more than a decade established served images show, but my avatars for as USER mikeserv do show pre and post drobert awarding mikeserf early reindeer game rejoinder after terdon banned me for telling gilles what a fucking dick he is.


doing the same keyword search under images
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america said,
i aint ready for the altar
but i do agree there is times
when a woman sure can be a friend of mine
about an atrophied trunk
of united government.

the radio played
the day the music died
of dirges soliloquied
satirically addressed...
the music then didnt guess
to the names and places
of centerfold angels
star witnesses
usa today
misnomer all the way
could parking garage
interview spiro agnew
into a presidential chair.

how to impeach
the unimpeachably represented
united states president
with a fake names porn star?

why, who cares?
deepthroat did youtube
and this can make our journalistic careers!
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