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An exciting #googleplusupdate from the Communities team!
Control whether community posts appear on your profile

Thanks for all the great feedback on how we can make Google+ Communities even better. It’s been inspiring to see all of the different ways people are using communities, and we’re excited to keep making improvements. 

Community posts are a great way for people to see your different interests when they visit your Google+ profile. But some of you have asked for a way to keep community posts separate from the rest of your Google+ posts. 

Today we're adding a new setting that lets you do just that! Simply visit, look for the new "Communities" section, and make your choice. (We'll be rolling this out gradually.)

Remember that your private community posts will only be visible to people in those communities, regardless of whether or not you show community posts on your profile. 

Keep the comments and suggestions coming, and stay tuned for more improvements in the coming weeks!

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Thank you!  This was one of my biggest gripes with Communities.  Keep up the good work.
It was pretty much my only gripe. Now that that's done I can really dig into them.
I'd like to be able to have notifications show up (red box) without also receiving an email notification from community activity. Is this possible? If not, please make it possible :)

Now we need to be able to show nothing from communities in our Home stream.
Could you guys revamp the android mobile app UI at some point? The UI is terrible... bubbles, frivolous annoying animations, pics that take absurd space, and no text summaries really leads to a dumb user experience.
It would be nice to fine-tune it and individually choose which communities (or rather, posts you make on them) are shared that way on a community-by-community level instead of a "one-size-fits-all" solution. Not every community is the same. +Brian Glick 
Any chance of adding link to post within the Android app? 
+David Q. Cohen Different communities have different and sometimes unique interests. Why would you want to post the same thing on multiple communities? Imagine the amount of people advertising their communities by sharing the same post in dozens of comms.
This is a great addition but I would have much preferred a slider button similar to the circle control in stream. That way I can choose which communities get priority if any at all. 
C Oh
It seems to remove them from the Community I created via my personal G+ but NOT from the Community I created via my G+ Page.
Why does it only work with communities made via personal G+ and not with communities made via G+ pages?
J Krah
Glad they added that.
Yay! Just blogged about it to the Brazilian audience.
Yeah... I thought that seemed oddly missing.
C Oh
I want community posts to stop showing on my Home page stream too. Community posts by people I have circles show on my G+ Page's home stream. I want all community posts to be completely separate from my G+ Page's profile and home page streams.
That was quick! Now please combine Google Messenger & Google Talk! Thank you!
This is great - BUT, in order to avoid this previously, many of us created public communities that required approval to join (which doesn't share to your posts). Now that you've made this change it would be great for admins to be able to switch Public Communities between "anyone can join" and "members must be approved". 
Thats great. Can there be a bigger banner pic? Current size is too small to make anything of it.
Is there any way to filter posts from communities out of the main feed?
Clicking the Communities tab and viewing new posts from there is more than enough for me, having busy communities added can be very overwhelming, and it drowns out the posts from the people I have circled.
Oh this really a very good and necessary update. Thanks for this! Now I can enjoy using communities. 
Indeed finally guys... I thought you'd leave it this way! Just yesterday i was checking for that, hoping that you've added such an option. Now I can finally avoid spamming other people! Thanks
Is this an option you asked for?
Yes, definitely! Great it's retrospective. It's nice to see Google hear requirements of community. Thx! :)
Sweet! I was waiting for this before really engaging in Communities. Thanks, now I can really get into them. This was the main request I saw around. I love that Google listens to feedback.
The only problem is that now you have a hard time finding the posts you created in communities because they don't even appear when you go to your own profile. I still think the best solution would be a communities tab in your profile (like the posts, about, photos... tabs) that you can hide. This way you have a nicely organised separation between normal posts and posts in communities that you can choose to share on your profile or not.
Darn, when I saw this I hoped it was a hidden control to turn off community posts in my main stream. I'll visit communities to see posts. I don't want to have to wander through community posts from people I don't even follow in my stream. I can't believe we're missing a volume control like circles have. I can follow people and only read their posts in their own circle, but I join a community and there's no way to stop messages from people I don't follow in my stream? Seems an odd situation.
Did anyone figure out how to opt out of communities?  I think it is disturbing that when I share a picture it automatically opts me into a teenage only community and I cannot get out of it...but you see the big picture :)
Hola. Hay forma de saber el gmail de mi novia solo sabiendo su nombre de google+? Me comento q no asocio ni correo alternativo ni numero de telefono.
La tengo en el chat de google pero solo aparecw su nombre de google+
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