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Vic Gundotra introduces new Hangouts features.
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What about the call features as in the iOS ?
there's still no word on integrating Google Voice with the burgeoning messaging platform. i dont understand why iOS gets it first than Android.
still can't use hangouts to send sms
Shany G
keep on doing 'private' keynotes like that... now you know why g+ is still relatively unknown.
Hithank you for connecting me to Google Plus thank you very much live at you also can you connect me to everything even now um Googleand the wifi wifiand the magic jack where you call people hon on the magicJack account yeah people love it yeah people will it my mom loves it she still loves it and well um well um yeah I love magic jack I can calland I can talk to people yep I love it and talk to my dad I can talk to my dad and talk to my sister mi mom my dad my cousin my aunt and uncleI love this this so nice duelist soul this crap yeah my moms on her too I love this cool chicken bacon hey baby I love to dance trance plants mom home alone and I hear starships touch the sky hey damn baby so I love magic jack and I know you guys do but I have to get off here bye love you love you bye I love you baby I love you. My hands man touch the sky f*** up mother f*****himan to love you I love you baby I loved you want to get married y'topppp4wanna hump pppface bitch
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